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Reykjavik is a destination for nature lovers, a family-friendly location that offers some of nature’s most spectacular views: the northern lights, beautiful blue lagoons, whale watching, horseback riding, air tours, boat trips and kayaking on the coast of the fjords. Every district of the city hosts a number of thermal pools, filled with geothermal heated water, and spas offering the renowned all-Icelandic volcanic treatments. Reykjavik boasts an enchanting blend of old timber houses and contemporary architecture, with a cozy atmosphere, vibrant street life, and the best shopping experience in Iceland.

Arbaer Museum

Arbaer Museum

Famous Reykjavík's pride, an open-air museum

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Reykjavík's pride, an open-air museum Editors' Note

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about Iceland’s ancient culture, the Arbaer Museum is an excellent place to do so. Essentially, this open air museum is really just a well preserved village, with numerous old houses and buildings depicting the ancient ‘Viking’ lifestyle.

The Smith’s House is said to be the oldest at Arbaer Museum, having been built back in 1820, but Dillon’s is the place to go if you’re looking for delicious snacks and refreshments. Also at the site is an old printing press, an ateliers, and a goldsmith’s workshop. You’ll also get to meet and great women and children dressed up in traditional attire, all of which adds to your ‘oldie worldy’ Icelandic experience.

Arbaer Museum
Kistuhyl, Reykjavik
+354 4 11 6300