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The Paris of the North

Riga preserves the charm of the 19th century along the cobbled streets of the Old City and the Art Nouveau dragons and lions of Alberta Street. Soviet influences are obvious everywhere, but all these architectonic styles coexist in an unexpected harmony. Latvia’s capital is a cultural event – with breathtaking castles, churches, museums, a fantastic Opera House, and some of the most beautiful parks in the country. The Regains are no strangers to fun – the nightlife has everything to offer, from the coolest clubs to the downright sleazy.

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Barona Centre

Barona Centre

Busy shopping center

Busy shopping center Editors' Note

The Barona Centre is a 3 floor shopping centre situated in the business district of Riga. There are many bigger malls in Riga, but this mall is good for people who know what they want because it’s neatly organized and doesn’t get that crowded, so you won’t have to deal with long lines.

Even though the Barona Centre doesn’t have as many stores as some of the super malls in the area, it still offers a wide selection of products. The shopping centre has several electronic, clothing and jewelry shops. This shopping centre also has a café and some restaurants that allow shoppers to take a break and grab a snack when they get tired.

Barona Centre is often busy around 5 and 6 pm when the workers in the area get out of work.

Barona Centre
Krišjāņa Barona ielā 46 , Riga LV-1011, Riga
+371 6750 8400
10 am to 9 pm