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The Eternal City

Centre of the ancient world for 500 years, and home of the Catholic Church for almost two millennia, Rome has forgotten more history then most other cities can remember. Now the capital of modern Italy, its bustling streets and graceful piazzas have been embellished with the treasures of Roman emperors, Renaissance popes, and some of the greatest artists the world has known. A lifetime would not be long enough to do Rome justice.

TestaccioMalcolm Moore / CC BY 2.0



A Roman neighborhood known for traditional cuisine and nightclubs

Traveler reviews

A Roman neighborhood known for traditional cuisine and nightclubs Editors' Note

Testaccio is a neighborhood in Rome, southwest of Aventino and along the bank of the Tiber. It is named for the 8th hill of Rome, which was built from an pot amphoras or testae. The area is described as traditional and working-class, with a market, traditional Roman dining, and a hopping nightlife.

Testaccio is a little bit off of the beaten tourist’s path, but it is much worth the visit. In this area, tourists will find points of interest such as the Pyramid of Gaius Cestius, Porta San Paolo, the Museum of Via Ostiense, and the Protestant (or non-Catholic) Cemetery. The Testaccio Market is a fine place for fresh traditional Roman ingredients, and the dining is superb at places such as Taverna Cestia, Court Delicati, and Volpetti. Stop at L’Oasi della Birra for a wide selection of beer to drink and wine to buy.

Trastevere, Aventino