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The Eternal City

Centre of the ancient world for 500 years, and home of the Catholic Church for almost two millennia, Rome has forgotten more history then most other cities can remember. Now the capital of modern Italy, its bustling streets and graceful piazzas have been embellished with the treasures of Roman emperors, Renaissance popes, and some of the greatest artists the world has known. A lifetime would not be long enough to do Rome justice.

Bars & Pubs in Rome

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  • Aventino
  • Barberini
  • Colosseum
  • Esquilino
  • Nomentano
  • Old Rome
  • The Vatican
  • Trastevere
  • Villa Borghese


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    Spritz Aperol +Add

    Freni E Frizioni

    Hip cocktail & aperitivo spot
    Wine +Add

    Trimani SRL

    Friendly wine bar & shop
    Locals' Pick
    5794387 +Add

    Enoteca Il Piccolo di Davoli Giancarlo

    Charming local enoteca
    Locals' Pick
    Green Tea Mojito +Add

    Bar del Fico

    Bohemian bar & restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    JOH_2966 +Add

    Barnum Cafe

    Low-key, high-quality cocktail bar
    Locals' Pick
    cannery row +Add

    L'Emporio alla Pace

    Interesting pub with books
    beer +Add


    True craft beer on tap
    burger +Add

    Knick Knack Yoda

    Great burgers and beer
    El Antipasto..The perfect shared lunch! +Add

    My Ale

    Artisan Italian beer and food
    Beer Degustation +Add


    Make your own beer
    food +Add

    Donkey PUNCH

    Beer and good food
    Brewdog Close Ups +Add


    Destination for beer geeks
    scarpetta +Add

    La Santeria Pizzicheria-Bistrot

    Wine bar with raw food
    Locals' Pick
    Affogato +Add

    Bar San Calisto

    Authentic Roman hangout
    ccoktails +Add


    More than just a cocktail bar
    Cocktail +Add


    Food, wine, beer, cocktails, and atmosphere
    beer frame +Add

    Fass & Cask

    A new brewing concept in Rome
    Locals' Pick
    wine +Add

    Bukowski's Bar

    Wine bar, art gallery, cafe, and bistro
    Locals' Pick
    beer +Add

    Scholars Lounge

    Casual Irish pub, with a great whiskey offer
    Locals' Pick
    wine +Add

    Barley Wine

    Craft beer bar
    Locals' Pick
    Mezzo +Add


    Vermouth bar
    Locals' Pick
     Stavio +Add


    Fashionable beer bar
    Locals' Pick
    beers +Add


    Gastropub with excellent craft beers
    Locals' Pick
    Audace 32 strong ale +Add

    Buskers Pub

    Popular beer and sports bar
    Uploaded by Diederik +Add

    Freni e Frizioni

    Trendy pub, popular with vegans and vegetarians
    Seasonal summer vegetables +Add


    "Sincerity club" and gourmet glamor
    Locals' Pick
    Caffé Espresso miscela Florian +Add

    Café Vicerè

    Popular coffee shop and bar
    Bar Gianicolo +Add

    Bar Gianicolo

    Retro bar, popular with American students
    pub +Add


    Relaxed gay club
    Homebrew Wine +Add


    Cozy little bar near Piazza Navona
    Books +Add

    N'importe Quoi

    Cozy café and bookshop
    Coming Out +Add

    Coming Out

    First gay bar in the capital
    io lui e l'amante +Add

    Birra Più

    Beers to go
    drinks +Add

    The Jerry Thomas Project

    Hip cocktail bar near Chiesa Nuova
    Uploaded by Geert +Add


    For every occasion, from breakfast till night
    Uploaded by Geert +Add

    Gran Caffé La Caffettiera

    A fascinating Italian place
    Uploaded by Ørjan +Add

    Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa'

    A must for the beer lover
    Locals' Pick
    Birra del Borgo Bir & Fud +Add

    Bir & Fud

    Beer and brilliant pizza
    Image of Open Baladin Roma +Add

    Open Baladin

    A favorite craft beer spot
    Locals' Pick
    wine glasses +Add

    Cavour 313

    Elegant wine bar
    67676 +Add

    Del Frate Wine Bar

    Superb wine
    Piazza Navona Candles +Add

    Antico Caffé della Pace

    Where the gorgeuous come to play
    Project 365 #169: 180609 Somebody PLEASE Pick Up That Phone! +Add


    Leading Roman jazz club
    Tuborg Cap 1 +Add

    Cuccagna Pub

    Offering Student Night every Tuesday
    Uploaded by Bernd +Add

    Gregory's Jazz Club

    Offering live jazz with a wide variety of Italian dishes
    drinks +Add

    Jonathan's Angels

    Beer and cocktails in a pop-art world
    Pollo e Fontina +Add

    Il Piccolo

    A bar with light meals and rotating wines by the glass
    Jackie O +Add

    Jackie O

    Dinner, dancing, and singing around the piano man
    carpaccio at Harrys Bar +Add

    Harry's Bar

    Made famous by Fellini's 1960s classic film La Dolce Vita
    World wide wine +Add

    Trimani Wine Bar

    An excellent wine bar, serving continental cuisine
    Wine and Olive Oil +Add

    Enoteca Antica

    A friendly wine bar in Rome's commericial center

    Salotto 42

    A Scandivian-style book bar
    Locals' Pick
    Wine Bottles +Add

    Enoteca al Parlamento

    A wine store that's cork-poppingly comprehesive
    Champagne Cocktail +Add

    Stravinskij Bar

    Located in Sir Rocco Forte's swanky Hotel de Russie
    Caffè Canova-Tadolini +Add

    Caffè Canova Tadolini

    Cocktails and culture
    Vino tinto de Toro (Zamora)* Con etiquetas de diseño +Add

    Al Vino al Vino

    More than a traditional osteria
    Uploaded by Lynn +Add

    Antico Caffe Greco

    Historic cafe, still keeps its original charm
    Locals' Pick
    champagne cocktail +Add

    Caffè della Pace

    Eternally à la mode
    Locals' Pick
    Last sip of wine +Add

    Enoteca Nuvolari

    Named after the legendary Italian racing driver Tazio Nuvolari
    Friends +Add

    Friends Art Cafe

    Named after Friends, the American TV sitcom
    Esatto Opposto +Add

    Il Goccetto

    French and Italian wines by the glass
    Music +Add

    La Cabala

    One of the favourite haunts of Rome's well-heeled