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Profile Image of Carlo De Gori

Carlo De Gori

Photographer & Designer

Ciao! I’m a photographer and designer who works out of Rome. My studio being in the historic center, near the Trevi Fountain, I deal a lot with businesses in the area. So I trust I’ll be able to give you some valuable advice on cool places where to eat, shop and visit. I wouldn’t send you where I wouldn’t go myself! I want visitors to find Rome as magical as I do. And I normally succeed. Wishing you a fun trip!

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Profile Image of Andrea Frisina

Andrea Frisina


Andrea Frisina has a degree in audio engineering, MIDI programming and sound design. He has worked as a DJ and producer for many important underground labels, and is now the owner of Gate Null Recordings and Gate Eins Recordings. His tracks are ranked on the charts of the most important music portals. He was a finalist at the 2012 “Beatport Music Awards” as author of the “Best Track Of The Year”. Now, thanks to his discography, he plays in the best clubs, events and festivals around the world.

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Profile Image of Latte Fashion Delicious

Latte Fashion Delicious

Style Blogger, Visual storyteller

Born in Romania, citizen of the world, I found my home in Rome. I work as an Informal Tour Guide/Personal shopper for tourists- while managing a personal style blog (Latte)- where I also showcase my portfolio as a photographer. Addicted to beauty, I’m happy to be able to share with others the treasures that this city holds.

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Profile Image of Giuseppe Bassanelli

Giuseppe Bassanelli

Ice Cream Chef

My name is Giuseppe and I’m the owner of this ice cream shop, opened in 2001. I have been an ice cream chef for 25 years. How I chose my profession is a classic example of “oddness of life”, but the result was a job that I truly love.

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Profile Image of Gianluca Mete

Gianluca Mete


I turned my passion and dream into my permanent occupation: I’m an archaeologist, specialized in the Roman Empire and Middle Age. I work all over Italy and in my spare time I travel, enjoy good food, beautiful Italian wine, art and, of course, archaeology.

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Profile Image of Gabriele Valdes

Gabriele Valdes

Pizza Professional

Pizza is my biggest passion. It’s been seven years since I started preparing pizza myself. I’ve been studying different types of dough, and I’m cooperating with Profumi dal Forno - the website where pizza lovers meet an exchange knowledge about pizza.

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Profile Image of Linda Martinez

Linda Martinez

Hostel Owner

In 1999 my husband and I packed up our apartment in Los Angeles, and along with our 2 cats and a Swiss army knife, moved to Rome and opened The Beehive, a unique hostel located near Termini train station. We love getting to know our guests and sharing with them the information we accumulate and curate which we hope will help them get the most and best out of their time in Rome.

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Profile Image of Natalie Kennedy

An American in Rome

City Blogger

Blogger and travel writer exploring all that Roman life has to offer (with an emphasis on extra gelato). Originally from California, Natalie has lived in Italy since 2010 and writes about life abroad in between coffees.

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Profile Image of Eugenio Paniccia

Eugenio Paniccia

Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Rome, I started my sports career in dance and continued with martial arts. Bodybuilding started for me when I was 16 years old and I started training others in 2006.

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Profile Image of Andrea Matone

Andrea Matone


Lifestyle photographer from Rome, Italy, specializing in taking unique and creative couple photo sessions in the best spots in Rome.

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Profile Image of Corinna Perini Gobbi



I approached the world of fashion in high school and since then my passion has continued to grow. Recently graduated from the university IED Rome as a fashion stylist with minor in editing.

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Profile Image of Ronit City Toilet

Ronit from City Toilet

Not just public restrooms

Ronit is one of the founders of City Toilet, located close to St. Peters. City Toilet is not just a public restrooms building though. Here, you’ll find a great shop, too, offering all sorts of useful travel necessities, such as toothbrushes, earplugs and small snacks, and they rent out strollers for the little ones.

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Profile Image of Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders

Fashion Store

Moll Flanders is a fashion store in the heart of Monti, Rome. It’s a place for men’s clothing, shoes, watches, sunglasses, and belts, as well as women’s accessories, handbags and jewelry. Only real stuff, no fake brands.

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Profile Image of Patrizio Perfetti

Christiano and Patrizio

Fashion Experts

SBU, or Strategic Business Unit, is a fashion label founded in 1993 by brothers Cristiano and Patrizio Perfetti.

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Profile Image of Tram Track

Tram Tracks

Music Experts

TramTracks is an evening extravaganza that takes you back in time 40 years and combines food, wine and a live rock concert with a journey on one of Rome’s few remaining historic street trams. You are guaranteed to have a fun and entertaining evening in Roma, the most beautiful city of the world.

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Profile Image of Lorenza Mussini

Lorenza Mussini

Traveler and Foodie

I’m Lorenza, I’m Italian and I love traveling and eating, but also cooking and trying new recipes. When I travel I like to discover the people and the local culture through food, by talking to people while enjoying a glass of wine or a spicy soup. I love to share the things I see, I taste and I experience – this is why I decided to contribute to this exciting guide!

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Profile Image of Wheely Bike Rental


Bike Rental and Tours

Offering quality bikes and amazing tour guides, Wheely is a great choice if you are ready to explore Rome on a bicycle.

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Profile Image of Andrea Di Lorenzo

Andrea di Lorenzo


Hi! I am a photographer based in Rome, Italy. I specialize in food photography, still photography and corporate imaging.

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Profile Image of Fabrizio Cioffi

Fabrizio Cioffi

Food Writer

Fabrizio is a freelance food and travel writer.

He is one of the founders of the popular Italian food website Gastronomia Mediterranea.

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Profile Image of Lisa and Massi

Lisa and Massi

Food Hosts

We are a young, international couple, living in Rome. We host private dinners at home and love exploring Rome’s vibrant food scene.

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Profile Image of Adam .

Travels Of Adam

World Traveler

In 2010 I quit my job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on a 15+ month trip around the world. The journey took me to places like North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Since 2011 I’ve been living in Berlin—Europe’s most hipster city. Travels of Adam wants to explore the world from the quirky to the amazing. It’s all about my personal experiences and alternative & indie travel tips from around the world.

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Profile Image of Clelia Arduini

Clelia Arduini


I’m a freelance writer from Rome, involved in cultural and environmental issues. In the past, I worked as a journalist for daily newspapers and magazines. I love to promote the Italian beauty, historical and cultural heritage with my articles and reports.

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Profile Image of Jason Spiehler

Walks of Italy

Award-winning Tour Guide

I’m a tour guide and art historian with a Master’s degree from Yale in Historical Theology. I’m in love with ancient history, art history, theology, philosophy and love the cultural travel experiences all around the world!

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Profile Image of Ilaria Guidantoni

Ilaria Guidantoni


I’m a journalist, blogger and writer, and an art, cinema, books and theatre expert. I’m a passionate and qualified sommelier too, and in my books and articles I combine Mediterranean food with culture and art. I live in Rome, Milan and Tunis.

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Profile Image of Luciana Squadrilli

Luciana Squadrilli

Food Writer & Journalist

I was born in Naples and have been living in Rome since 2000. After working for Gambero Rosso - one of the leading Italian Food & Wine magazines - I started my freelance career and I now write for many Italian and foreign websites about food, olive oil and travel. I worked as a PR and Communication consultant for Birra del Borgo, one of the best craft breweries, and I’m currently working as a Communication and Social Media consultant for restaurants and food companies.

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Profile Image of Luca Lo Pinto

Luca Lo Pinto


Luca Lo Pinto (1981) is a curator based in Rome. He is founder and editor in chief of the magazine NERO. He is a regular contributor to the online cultural magazine Doppiozero and he has written for several catalogues and international magazines. He has curated a number of exhibitions in Italy and the United States.

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Single Holidays in Rome

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Rome for solo and single travelers. Rome is a single's dream vacation. For one thing, there's so many things to see and do, you won't regret being able to surf through the crowds at your own pace. The main historic attractions like the Pantheon and the Colosseum are given's, as are the rest of Rome's cultural wonders, but the nightlife? Here's where some suggestions are in order. Check out Alexanderplatz for the Jazz, Alpheus to blow of steam, and La Maison for the luxury.

  1. Caffè Canova-Tadolini +Add

    Caffè Canova Tadolini

    Cocktails and culture
  2. Uploaded by Bernd +Add

    Gregory's Jazz Club

    Offering live jazz with a wide variety of Italian dishes
  3. Project 365 #169: 180609 Somebody PLEASE Pick Up That Phone! +Add


    Leading Roman jazz club
  4. Square Garden +Add

    Vatican Gardens

    58 Acres of beautiful gardens
  5. sphinxes +Add

    Villa Sciarra

    A beautiful park with mythological elements
  6. Museo etrusco villa giulia +Add

    Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia

    Founded in 1889 in the splendid Villa Giulia
  7. David +Add

    Musei Capitolini

    The oldest, but still among the best
  8. Palazzo Corsini GNAA AvL +Add

    Palazzo Corsini - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica

    The other half of Italy's National Gallery of Art
  9. Palazzo Corsini GNAA AvL +Add

    National Gallery of Ancient Art (Galleria ...

    Magnificent collection of Roman art
  10. Uploaded by Kevin +Add

    Palazzo Barberini - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte ...

    National Gallery of Ancient Art
    Locals' Pick
  11. +Add

    Galleria Borghese

    A cardinal's heavenly art collection
  12. Le Caravage - Le repos pendant la fuite en Egypte +Add

    Galleria Doria Pamphili

    The collection of one of the great families of Rome's aristocracy
  13. Galleria Alberto Sordi (già Galleria Colonna) - Attico all'ingresso +Add

    Galleria Colonna

    Beautiful art gallery in Palazzo Colonna
  14. Gloves +Add

    Sergio di Cori

    Quality Italian-made gloves
  15. Boutique luxe Rome 0006 +Add


    Home to the internationally-known designer label
  16. Auditorium parco della musica- Renzo Piano +Add

    Parco della Musica

    Europe's largest concert hall
    Locals' Pick
  17. Teatro dell'Opera +Add

    Teatro dell'Opera

    Rome's premier opera venue
  18. forum: view of palatine +Add

    Palatine Hill

    Once the neighborhood of Roman emperors and the city's elite
  19. Uploaded by Siri +Add

    Roman Forum

    The heart of the Roman Empire
  20. Circus Maximus (Rome) +Add

    Circus Maximus

    Favored by youth on summer nights
  21. Affogato +Add

    Bar San Calisto

    Authentic Roman hangout
  22. pillows +Add

    B&B Smart

    Charming bed and breakfast
  23. DSC_0389 +Add

    Riccardo Taliani

    Good roman coffee
Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com, so you get a head start on your city exploring. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!