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Mozart’s birthplace is one of the busiest places in Europe. The surrounding green hills and scenic gardens, its beautiful baroque architecture, the mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress, and the picturesque spires that dominate the city′s skyline make Salzburg a romantic destination. The finest restaurants in Europe are here too, but if you expect a busy nightlife, seek it elsewhere – Salzburg likes its peaceful evening amid slumbering tunes.

Genève.Daniel Jolivet / CC BY 2.0

Grand Theatre de Geneve

Grand Theatre de Geneve

Geneva's legendary opera theater

Geneva's legendary opera theater Editors' Note

The Grand Théâtre de Genève is famous as the main Opera venue in the city. Erected in 1857, the theater seats 1,488 people in a superb acoustic setting. Other events held here are ballet, choir and recitals, but it is the Opera, and the building’s rich decor which makes this place shine.

Only a few minutes from downtown, opposite the Parc des Bastions near Old Town, the theater’s Boutique Musicale store is open every day so you can buy CD’s and books. Check before your visit to Geneva for performance schedules, you will not want to miss enjoying a performance here.

Grand Theatre de Geneve
11, boulevard du Theatre, 1211 Geneva
41 22 418 30 00
Performance times vary, please inquire