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Remember the Alamo

The cradle of Texan liberty, San Antonio is more than a historic city. It boasts some of the nation’s finest museums, great amusement parks, fine dining, and lively pubs and bars. The Majestic Theatre is only the beginning of the city’s cultural highlights. If you want to see the city at its liveliest, San Antonio is best in February, when the temperature is as cool as the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Or better yet, go in late April, for a a 10-day city-wide, fun-filled, multi-cultural, family-oriented fiesta.

San Antonio Texas 3-8 Aug 2010David / CC BY 2.0

El Mercado

El Mercado

A souvenir haven

A souvenir haven Editors' Note

San Antonio is one of those places a visitor should bring home souvenirs from, and the best place in town to procure them is El Mercado. The prices may not be as low as in old Mexico, but almost. Be sure and check out this authentic Mexican market during your stay.

San Antonio’s cultural pride and ties to the land South of the border are nowhere better evidenced than in shops like El Mercado. Just the smell of fresh cilantro is enough to “take you there” literally. Besides the atmosphere there are some great gifts and bargains to be had too.

El Mercado
514 W. Commerce St. San Antonio, TX 78207 San Antonio
+1 210 207 8600
11 AM until 8 PM daily