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Remember the Alamo

The cradle of Texan liberty, San Antonio is more than a historic city. It boasts some of the nation’s finest museums, great amusement parks, fine dining, and lively pubs and bars. The Majestic Theatre is only the beginning of the city’s cultural highlights. If you want to see the city at its liveliest, San Antonio is best in February, when the temperature is as cool as the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Or better yet, go in late April, for a a 10-day city-wide, fun-filled, multi-cultural, family-oriented fiesta.

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Central Market

Central Market

A foodie paradise

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A foodie paradise Editors' Note

Right in the heart of San Antonio the Central Market offers foodies a supermarket experience akin to a rural farmer’s market. Customers can take advantage of valet parking and then a sort of food heaven of everything from produce to pasta. Dine in on gourmet foods, or take out the produce.

If it’s time for you to graze, putting on the old feed bag here is something the proprietors are used to seeing. Wine tasting to go along with some of San Antionio’s best gourmet food, now that’s is living it up Texas style. Don’t miss out on the Central Market during your stay.

Central Market
4821 Broadway, San Antonio, 78209 San Antonio
+1 210 368 8600
7 am to 10 pm daily