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Called “The Paris of the West,” San Francisco is a city that wears its charms on its sleeve. With weeping views of the Bay and the Pacific coast from its famous hills, it’s also known as America’s foodie capital and one of the world’s intellectual hubs. From its true birth during the Gold Rush, the city by the Bay has been home to renegades, social movements and artists of all stripes. Don’t miss the vibrant Mission District, the famous hippie neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, or the shopping Mecca of Union Square.

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Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Famous The group on Steiner St. is known as "Postcard Row"

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The group on Steiner St. is known as "Postcard Row" Editors' Note

Painted Ladies is a name “used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details”. In 1963, artist Butch Kardum began the colorist movement by painting the city’s grey houses to liven up the area’s aesthetics.

Writers Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen first used the term, Painted Ladies, in their 1978 book: Painted Ladies - San Francisco’s Resplendent Victorians. Since then, colorful Victorian houses that have emerged in other American cities have borrowed the term for their own architectural color wheels.

Find the best group of painted Victorian and Edwardian houses in Lower Haight on Steiner Street. Once gray during World War I and World War II, these Painted Ladies, known as “Postcard Row”, are now a major tourist attraction due to their beauty and historical background.

Painted Ladies
Alamo Square, San Francisco, CA, 94117 San Francisco