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America's most relaxed city

Called “The Paris of the West,” San Francisco is a city that wears its charms on its sleeve. With weeping views of the Bay and the Pacific coast from its famous hills, it’s also known as America’s foodie capital and one of the world’s intellectual hubs. From its true birth during the Gold Rush, the city by the Bay has been home to renegades, social movements and artists of all stripes. Don’t miss the vibrant Mission District, the famous hippie neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, or the shopping Mecca of Union Square.

gqb-w-hotel 22Brian McConnell / CC BY-SA 2.0

W Hotel Bars

W Hotel Bars

Trendy bars for the posh

Trendy bars for the posh Editors' Note

The two bars at W Hotel are packed with beautiful people. The first bar is a circular affair in the lobby, while the main room, next to XYZ , lies behind a beaded curtain above.

Some find the atmosphere a bit competitive, but the scene shifts nightly and banquettes upstairs encourage an intimate vibe.

W Hotel Bars
181 3rd St San Francisco, CA, 94103 San Francisco
415 817 7836
7pm-2am Tue-Sat