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Called “The Paris of the West,” San Francisco is a city that wears its charms on its sleeve. With weeping views of the Bay and the Pacific coast from its famous hills, it’s also known as America’s foodie capital and one of the world’s intellectual hubs. From its true birth during the Gold Rush, the city by the Bay has been home to renegades, social movements and artists of all stripes. Don’t miss the vibrant Mission District, the famous hippie neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, or the shopping Mecca of Union Square.

Plaza de toros La MalaguetaCC BY-SA 3.0
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Plaza de toros La Malagueta

Plaza de toros La Malagueta

Famous Still the legends echo here

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Still the legends echo here Editors' Note

Situated very close to Malagueta beach, Plaza de toros La Malagueta is the capital’s bullring. Designed by Joaquín Rucoba, this wonderful construct was completed in 1876. Built in Neo-Mudejar style, over 15,000 of the city’s residents can attend the fights.

The most famous of all Spain’s bullfighters have performed here. The walls of the arena still echo with names like; Curro Romero, Manolete, El Cordobes, and many others. Even the legendary young matador Javier Conde has appeared here. So for your visit, be sure and find out what the schedule is, you would not want to miss legend.

Plaza de toros La Malagueta
paseo de Reding, 8, MáLAGA, 29016 Málaga
+34 95 222 1727
9 am -2 pm M-Sa