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The capital of Silicon Valley

San Jose is a diverse, multicultural city with a rich history. There are plenty of cultural events at theaters, art galleries, and museums, and it’s easy to top it all off with so many fine restaurants. Besides fantastic amusement parks and a variety of concert and comedy venues, nightlife in San Jose spells SOFA (South of First Area). Voted consistently as one of the US’s sunniest and safest cities, there’s good reason travelers comment on how friendly San Jose locals are.

golf ballmarkus spiske / CC BY 2.0

La Rinconada Country Club

La Rinconada Country Club

Membership only golf club

Membership only golf club Editors' Note

Although membership is limited and by invitation only, La Rinconada Country Club is one of the most popular destinations for golfing around San Jose. At the heart of the picturesque Los Gatos, the club stretches over 125 acres of rolling hills and breathtaking sceneries.

La Rinconada Country Club also features a beautiful, newly constructed club house, that serves as a restaurant, and provides expansive views of the golf course and Silicon Valley.

La Rinconada Country Club
14595 Clearview Dr,, CA 95032 San Jose
+1 408 3954181 ‎
Tuesday - Sunday open at 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m, Monday closed.