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The European Capital of Culture in 2016.

The capital of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastián, also known as Donostia, is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. It may be small, but somehow, it manages to attract thousands of visitors each day, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It may be the Basque way of life that makes Donostia so popular, or maybe it is in the world-class attractions. Discover this city at your own pace, and see why it was named the European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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    San Sebastian Playa de la Concha - panoramio +Add

    Paseo de Miraconcha

    See the bay like the rich
    Locals' Pick
    San Sebastian 03 +Add

    Paseo de los Curas

    Beautiful promenade, with views of the Old Port
    Locals' Pick
    Green grasses +Add

    Parque de Bidebieta

    Sports and outdoors
    IMG_8756 +Add

    Parque de Larratxo

    The park of Alza neighborhood
    Parque de Salvador Allende +Add

    Parque de Salvador Allende

    A little circular park
    Bancos a la sombra +Add

    Parque de la Plaza Zaragoza

    Beautiful small garden in the city
    Plaza Gipuzkoa +Add

    Parque de la Plaza Gipuzkoa

    Enchanting and romantic park
    clásica +Add

    Clásica de San Sebastián

    The land of cycling
    Menhir de Eteneta con el monte adarra al fondo. +Add

    Monte Adarra

    The south guardian
    La Oreja de Van Gogh +Add

    La Oreja de Van Gogh

    A different kind of city tour
    ementerio de los ingleses, Monte Urgull, San Sebastián. +Add

    English Cemetery

    A peaceful visit
    Camino del Norte (3930401179) +Add

    Castillo de Santa Isabel

    Stories of princesses
    Escoriaza (Guipúzcoa)-Cementerio de San Pedro-Tumba de José Arana, creador de la Semana Grande de San Sebastián (Mariano Benlliure)-1 +Add

    Cementerio de San Pedro

    An unusual visit
    Calles Prim con Urbiela, San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa +Add

    Hacienda Foral

    A former hotel, a beautiful building
    Kiosko del Boulevard +Add

    Kiosko del Boulevard

    Beautiful pavilion
    San Sebastián - Donostia. (8676115130) +Add

    Paseo de Francia

    Reminding the Spanish people of Parisian architecture
    Basketballs +Add

    Plaza de Toros de Illumbe

    A massive arena
    Plaza del Buen Pastor +Add

    Plaza del Buen Pastor

    The meeting place of the locals
    Donostia-San Sebastian - the side of the Cathedral - 2006 - panoramio +Add

    Iglesia de los Jesuitas

    Romanesque church in San Sebastian
    Running Shoes +Add

    Clásica Pedestre Behobia-San Sebastian

    Run the city
    Tower of Zarauz. +Add

    Casco Histórico de Zarautz

    A visit back in time
    Hondarribia.Guipúzcoa. (8688852173) +Add

    Casco Histórico de Hondarribia

    Beautiful walled city from the 13th century
    Casco Histórico de Getaria +Add

    Casco Histórico de Getaria

    The oldest town in the area
    Barrio de la Marina. +Add

    Barrio de la Marina

    Old fishing area
    "la equitativa" +Add

    Edificio de La Equitativa

    Rationalist architecture
    San Sebastián-Donostia - Palacio de Justicia +Add

    Palacio de Justicia

    Monumental court building
     Iglesia de San Ignacio +Add

    Iglesia de San Ignacio

    Exquisite interior
    San Sebastian 04 +Add

    Muralla del Puerto

    A city wall dating back from the 16th century
    Monte Igualdo funicular. +Add

    Funicular de Igeldo

    Attractive means of communication
    Mirando farolas en Donostia. +Add

    Edificio de Correos

    Artistic stone facade
    Take a walk around the old city +Add

    Mompás-Puerto Pesquero

    Take a walk around the city
    DSC00343 +Add

    Txiki Guay

    Let the children play
    Diputazioa +Add

    Palacio de la Diputación

    City emblem in the Gipuzkoa Plaza
    Caserío Katxola. +Add

    Caserío Katxola

    Countryside house with a cider press
     Puente de María Cristina +Add

    Puente de María Cristina

    Interestingly decorated bridge
    IMG_5467.jpg +Add

    Puente de Santa Catalina

    Oldest bridge in the city
    Puente la Zurriola +Add

    Puente la Zurriola

    Beautiful bridge for a stroll
    El Puerto de San Sebastian +Add

    El Puerto de San Sebastian

    Fishing and walking port
    Aizkolariak: Trinitate Enparantza / Plaza de la Trinidad +Add

    Plaza de la Trinidad

    City fiestas in the square
    Estacion San Sebastian Donostia - Adif - Metro Centric +Add

    Plaza de Bilbao y Calle Prim

    Architectural variety
    Estación del Norte de San Sebastián. +Add

    Estación del Norte

    The old, the new, the traveler
    Río Urumea in the summer time +Add

    Río Urumea

    An important part of the city
    Young wine +Add

    Talai Berri Winery

    Let your taste guide you
    wineglass +Add

    Rezabal Winery

    The world of good wines
    Basque Country Tour +Add

    Flavours of San Sebastian

    Get a taste of San Sebastian
    Donosti 04 +Add

    Route of the stars

    San Sebastian is a film city
    Plaza de la Constitución, San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa. +Add

    Constitucion Square

    In the heart of the city
    Basilica of Santa Maria. San Sebastián. Guipuzcoa. País Vasco. Spain +Add

    Santa Maria Basilica

    A Baroque mastepiece
    Beach +Add

    Zurriola Beach

    The surfing beach
    Kontxako badia 0002 +Add

    Ondaretta Beach

    Sunbathing and relaxation
    At Alderdi-Eder Park. +Add

    Alderdi-Eder Park

    You just have to take a walk
    Sagrado Corazón sicodélico +Add

    Sagrado Corazon

    Guarding the city from Mount Urgull
    Construccion Vaccia. +Add

    Construccion Vaccia

    Touching art
    Urgullgo gazteluko museoa +Add

    History House

    A glimpse of the past
    fish +Add

    San Sebastian Aquarium

    The depths of the sea
     Palacio del Hielo Txuri Urdin +Add

    Palacio del Hielo Txuri Urdin

    For skating enthusiasts
    2007-10-28_Pagoeta-Agorregi 024 +Add

    Conjunto de la Ferrería y Molinos de Agorregi

    The power of water
    Peine del Viento +Add

    Peine de los Vientos

    Art and nature in harmony
     Palacio de Miramar +Add

    Palacio de Miramar

    Lovely gardens with a view of the bay
    El Club Náutico de San Sebastián +Add

    Royal Nautical Club

    For the love of waters
    Santa Clara island and La Concha bay, in San Sebastian (Spain) +Add

    Isla de Santa Clara

    Guarding the bay
    Playa y Bahía de la Concha +Add

    Playa y Bahía de la Concha

    The city's most famous landmark
    Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián. +Add

    Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

    The municipality
    Catedral del Buen Pastor de San Sebastián. +Add

    Catedral del Buen Pastor

    Beautiful neo-gothic cathedral in the city
    tren txu txu +Add

    Tren Txu-Txu

    San Sebastian by train
    Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota. +Add

    Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota

    Every city has its castle
    Perrito aita mari +Add

    Parte Vieja

    Interesting monuments and great atmosphere
    Uploaded by Erik +Add

    Monte Urgul

    Guarding the city
    Across the park +Add

    Parque de Cristina Enea

    Countryside living
    Palacio de Ayete +Add

    Palacio de Ayete

    Green as green nature can be