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The European Capital of Culture in 2016.

The capital of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastián, also known as Donostia, is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. It may be small, but somehow, it manages to attract thousands of visitors each day, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It may be the Basque way of life that makes Donostia so popular, or maybe it is in the world-class attractions. Discover this city at your own pace, and see why it was named the European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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  • Amara-Aiete
  • City Center
  • Gros
  • Parte Vieja


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    spaghetti maison +Add

    Luis Irizar

    One of the best cooking schools in Spain
    Locals' Pick
    2013_Olentzero_Laudio +Add


    Christmas traditions
    Alexa +Add

    La Candelaria

    The tinkers
    Parade at Basque Week. +Add

    Basque Week

    Decades of traditions
    Estadio Anoeta. +Add

    Estadio Anoeta

    House of sports
    EXPOSICIÓN / ERAKUSKETA: Zinema heroiak +Add

    Biblioteca Municipal

    The world of the books
    [RFEE3 ELSHAN ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ] +Add

    Magic Park

    Fun day out
    Basilica of Santa Maria. San Sebastián. Guipuzcoa. País Vasco. Spain +Add

    Fiesta del 31 de Agosto

    Celebrating the survivors
    Palacio Goikoa +Add

    Palacio Goikoa

    Cultural center in neoclassical style
    IMG_0489 +Add

    San Sebastian Race Course

    For the love of horses
    Entrepasos +Add

    Academia de Baile Carmen Garmendia

    Fun days out
    Cinema +Add

    Cines Trueba

    Modern cinema
    cinema +Add

    Cines Oscar Txingudi

    The world of the movies
    Mi meta. +Add

    Hipodromo de San Sebastian

    The elegance of horseback riding
    N.A.N., Ertza 5 +Add


    Music, dance and theater
    Antzoki Zaharra/Teatro Principal +Add

    Teatro Principal

    Tradition in theater
    Howdy@Musika Parkean 2014 (Palacio de Aiete) +Add


    Culture in the city
    Victoria Eugenia +Add

    Teatro Victoria Eugenia

    A landmark of San Sebastian
    BI_Romeo y Julieta de bolsillo_©Javier Pistani (2) +Add

    Teatro de Bolsillo

    Take the theater wherever you go
    Lee Ritenour, Melvin Davis & Will Kennedy +Add

    Heineken Jazz Festival

    All that jazz
    red cinema sits +Add

    Film and Human Rights Festival

    An important name on the social and cultural scene
    Polly Shannon +Add

    International Film Festival

    All the great and best in film industry
    DIFC 2013 - Team Italy 098 +Add

    Fireworks competition

    A must see show of breathtaking light and beauty
     San Sebastian-Tamborrada Festival. +Add

    Dia de San Sebastian

    Celebrating the city
    Kursaal. San Sebastián +Add

    Kursaal Opera House

    Home of the music
    More pinchos +Add

    Basque cooking class

    For the chef in you
    Pintxos basques +Add

    Pintxo cooking class

    Take a piece of San Sebastian wherever you go
    Kursaal +Add

    Casino Kursaal

    Are you feeling lucky?
    Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo 031 +Add

    Monte Igueldo Funfair Pleasure Park

    A fun filled day out