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The second-largest island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an exotic paradise, perfect to visit from early spring to early fall, when everything is bright and full of authentic flavors. This is an island of contrasting lifestyles, with a rich Catalan legacy mixing with African influence by proximity. From Cagliari to Sassari, from Bosa to Olbia, the island welcomes you with traditional Italian hospitality, and a wealth of things to see and do.

CoccorrocciVelq1958 / CC BY-SA 3.0



Locals' Pick Scenic beach, not far from the Piscinas

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Yoga in Sardinia

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Soft waterfalls cascade lazily into clear, fresh pools. This spot is unspoilt and magical, a beautiful place to pass the day. When the heat of the day becomes too much, take a dip in the cool, waterfall pools. Few people visit this spot so it really is a place of peace and tranquillity.

Scenic beach, not far from the Piscinas Editors' Note

Coccorrocci is a beautiful beach on the southern slope of Ogliastra, at the foothills of Monte Ferru, not far from Marina di Gairo. The beach stretches over 4 km of fine sands, and offers excellent swimming conditions in shallow waters.

Coccorrocci is surrounded by jagged cliffs of red porphyry, which are divided into numerous small creeks. From the beach, you can admire spectacular views of Ferru and Cartucceddu mountains. A small walk up the mountain from the beach, you will find the natural pools of Monte Ferru, also known as Piscinas, which are fed by the “Su accu e axina" natural water source.

Marina di Gairo, Sardinia