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Turquoise seas, sandy beaches, and rich cuisine

The second-largest island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an exotic paradise, perfect to visit from early spring to early fall, when everything is bright and full of authentic flavors. This is an island of contrasting lifestyles, with a rich Catalan legacy mixing with African influence by proximity. From Cagliari to Sassari, from Bosa to Olbia, the island welcomes you with traditional Italian hospitality, and a wealth of things to see and do.

Grotta di Su Marmuri CC BY-SA 3.0

Grotta di Su Marmuri

Grotta di Su Marmuri

A stunning cave

A stunning cave Editors' Note

Grotta di Su Marmuri is located one kilometre from the center of Ulassai, in the calcareous massif that rises above the town. This is one of the most interesting caves on the island, a nature treasure trove at 880 m above the sea level.

Grotta di Su Marmuri is open to public access. The visit takes about an hour, and offers spectacular views of small basins, stalactites, and enormous stalagmites. Specific to the cave, one of the largest colonies of bats on the island.

Inside temperature 10°C - dress appropriately.

Grotta di Su Marmuri
Ulassai, Province of Ogliastra, Sardinia