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Kukje Gallery

Art Gallery

Since Kukje Gallery opened at the center of Seoul in 1982, it has been committed to presenting the work of the most current and significant Korean and international contemporary artists. The Gallery has established itself as a leading venue for showing works by major international artists such as Damien Hirst, Eva Hesse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Ed Ruscha, Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Candida Hofer, Bill Viola, Anish Kapoor, etc.

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Profile Image of Mijung Ashley Kwon and Jaewoong Austin Shin

Mijung Ashley Kwon and Jaewoong Austin Shin

Coffee Shop Owners

Mijung Ashley Kwon and Jaewoong Austin Shin are a husband and wife duo, and the proud owners of the Coffee Montage coffee shop in Seoul. Jaewoong Austin Shin is also the main roaster at Coffee Montage, and he and his wife, together with the team of passionate baristas, create some of the best coffees in the city.

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Ken Lee

Lifestyle Blogger

23 years old Ken Lum Lee was born and raised in London, UK. A Marketing Business major and a photographer wannabe, Ken decided to leave the UK to seek more colour and seasoning in which the world can offer, hence the blog started. Initially a private journal for his family and close friends, it is now open for the public to walk alongside with him and his Korean travels. Currently residing in Gwangju, South Korea, he is now teaching English in a public school.

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Linda Dunsmore

Travel Writer

German/American travel writer based in South Korea. I write about my travels in Asia and around the world showcasing local traditions, food, culture, and hidden places.

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Instagram Foodie

Featuring Seoul’s best food, JustSeoulFoods is a local Instagram hit from South Korea.

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Brian Dye

Lifestyle Blogger

I’m a blogger, writer, and urban explorer. I’ve been working in South Korea’s ESL field for the last ten years. My one year contract has unexpectedly turned into a journey that I’m still on and loving.

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Profile Image of Jane Kim

Jane Kim

Makeup Artist

Jane Kim, also known as The Glamourist, is a makeup artist and founder of Yepeau. She was awarded the best of Wedding Hair and Makeup Award by San Francisco Magazine and Top 5 artist in the Bay Area by Brides.com. Her work has been featured in the Paper Magazine, Town and Country, The Knot, and Brides Magazine. She dreams of puppies and pizza.

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Hyejeong Jeong

Korean Travel Expert

Hyejeong works for K Pass, the ultimate Seoul city pass that helps you find your way around Seoul and gives you fantastic discounts.

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JinJoo Lee

Korean Foodie

Originally from Korea, JinJoo now lives in the United States, where she still cooks with the flavors of her home country. She’s passionate about Korean cuisine, writes about her favorite recipes, holds a PhD in Computer Science and is a proud mother and wife.

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Adventure Travel in Seoul

Adventure Travel in Seoul

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Seoul is all about adventures. Visitors to Seoul have to have a bit of a spirit of adventure in the first place it seems. Elbowing one's way in the local markets can be as challenging as rock climbing sometimes. But with the myriad of parks and green spaces here, finding excitement is the least of a visitor's worries. Be sure and visit Gildong Ecological Park, Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul Forest, and especially Seokchon Lake Park during your stay.

  1. Anguksa rock monument +Add

    Nakseongdae Park

    The place where a star fell
  2. BaekjeMuseum +Add

    Bangi-dong Baekjegobungun

    Stone cave tombs
  3. Yangjae Citizens' Forest 05 +Add

    Yangjae Citizens’ Forest

    Leisure and education
  4. 몽촌토성 夢村土城 Mongchontoseong (fortress), Olympic Park, Seoul +Add


    Earthen fortifications from the Baekje period
  5. Pungnap Toseong winter +Add


    History and archaeology
  6. Seokchon Lake Park - Oct 10 2005 +Add

    Seokchon Lake Park

    Outdoor fun
  7. Naksan Park 001 +Add

    Naksan Park

    A walk in history
  8. Seoul Tower from Namsan Park +Add

    Namsan Park

    Largest park in Seoul
  9. Sagik Park +Add

    Sajik Park

    The healing forest
  10. Image of Seoul Forest +Add

    Seoul Forest

    Fun for the family
  11. Tapgol_Park_3 +Add

    Tapgol Park

    Birth of an idea
  12. Dosan Park +Add

    Dosan Park

    In respectful memory
  13. Bugak Skyway, Seoul +Add

    Bugak Skyway Octagonal Pavilion

    Above Seoul
  14. Korea_Seoul_Fortress_Trail_02 +Add


    The gate of the water
  15. CheongWaDae_Children_Day_04 +Add


    The heart of the country
  16. Ice Rink +Add

    Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink

    Winter wonderland
  17. Kukkiwon-gates-2010 +Add

    Kukkiwon Headquarters

    The spirit of Taekwondo
  18. 2008.06.22 Korea Republic vs Korea DPR +Add

    Seoul World Cup Stadium

    A tribute to football
  19. Mongchontoseong / Olympic Park +Add

    Olympic Park

    A tribute to sports
  20. COEX Aquarium, Seoul +Add

    COEX Aquarium

    Our land, our fish
  21. Garrulus glandarius brandtii, Seoul, South Korea 2 +Add

    Gildong Ecological Park

    Beautiful natural habitat
  22. Children's Grand Park +Add

    Children's Grand Park

    An all in one amusement park
  23. Uploaded by Monica +Add

    Lotte World

    A world of magic and fantasy
    Locals' Pick
  24. Seoul Land +Add

    Seoul Land

    Five in one
  25. 2006 DigiTronics Taipei Digital TV Life Pavilion +Add

    Digital Pavilion

    The IT future at your fingertips
  26. KWF-B2700 Olleh WiBro egg +Add

    Olleh Avenue

    The digital experience
  27. 센트럴 안내소 +Add

    Central City

    The city within the city
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Stay Editors

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