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The sultry, sun-drenched south of Spain

The southern province of Andalucía, and its great cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada, contain what many visitors see as the quintessential characteristics of Spain. This is a land of flamenco and bullfighting, of fine sandy beaches and ancient Moorish palaces, of tapas and sherry, of siestas and fiestas. You get the picture: this exotic and varied region offers a myriad of aspects to explore and enjoy.


La Mesa Redonda

La Mesa Redonda

Contender for the best place in town

Contender for the best place in town Editors' Note

The interior is full of old furniture and paintings; you imagine yourself in a private palacio. The constantly changing menu includes innovative dishes using shark, oxtail and stewed veal tongue. Press the buzzer to be let into the residential complex in which it’s located.

La Mesa Redonda
C/ Manuel De La Quintana 3, 11405 Seville
956 34 00 69
1.30-4pm, 9-11.30pm Mon-Sat.