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Russia's summer capital

In 2007 when it won the bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi was famous as the country’s Summer Capital, attracting over 4 million visitors every season. Today? This beautiful seaside resort is a year-round destination. And there’s plenty to add to your Sochi guide, from tours to see Stalinist period Empire Style buildings and monuments, to visits to the fortress; from strolling in the local parks, to learning more about the area in one of Sochi’s museums; and so on. Being a tourist destination, Sochi loves to party, and you will find plenty of things to entertain you. International-standard cuisine completes the experience.

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  • Adler
  • Central Sochi
  • Khosta
  • Lazarevskoye


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    DSC_0863 +Add

    Russian-Japanese Friendship Garden

    Amazing Japanese landscape art
    Rosa Khutor Extreme Park during 2014 Winter Olympics +Add

    Rosa Khutor Extreme Park

    Freestyle skiing venue at Sochi 2014
    SlidingCenterSanki +Add

    Sanki Olympic Sliding Center

    Bobsleigh and Luge venue at Sochi 2014
    Esto-Sadok  +Add

    RusSki Gorki

    Jumping center at Sochi 2014
    Rosa Khutor , Tulip Inn +Add

    Rosa Khutor

    Sochi 2014 Alpine Center
    Ice Cube Curling Center +Add

    Ice Cube Curling Center

    The Olympic Park's moveable venue
    Saints Simon and Jude Church +Add

    Saints Simon and Jude Church

    Roman Catholic church in the city center
     Temple Arya +Add

    Temple Агуа

    Ruins of a Medieval church
    Dolmen of Volkonka +Add

    Dolmen of Volkonka

    A unique monument of megalithic culture
    Monument to Nikolay Ostrovsky +Add

    Monument to Nikolay Ostrovsky

    Homage to a famous writer
     Monument to Lenin +Add

    Monument to Lenin

    Celebrating the founder of the world's first socialist state
    Orekhovsky Waterfall +Add

    Orekhovsky Waterfall

    Second highest waterfall in Sochi
    Ivanovsky Falls +Add

    Ivanovsky Falls

    Waterfall in Sochi National Park
     Azhek +Add


    Tall waterfall on the eponymous river
    Summer Theatre in the Park Frunze +Add

    Park Frunze

    The site of the Sochi Summer Theater
    Остатки крепостной стены форта Лазарева 04 +Add

    Lazarev Park

    The "Lazarev " park of Sochi
    Komsomol Square +Add

    Komsomol Square

    Beautiful park in the center of Sochi
    Причал морского вокзала (Сочи) +Add

    Port of Sochi Imereti

    Sochi's newest harbor
    Monument to Peter the Great +Add

    Monument to Peter the Great

    Honoring a legendary Russian Emperor
    Sochi Sea Port +Add

    Sochi Sea Port

    The passenger port of Sochi
    Железнодорожный вокзал станции Сочи +Add

    Sochi Railway Station

    Perfectly Stalinist by design
    Clown Fish +Add

    Aquarium and Marine Zoo

    Just made for kids
    1-1-IMGP3495 +Add

    Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

    Educational fun for the whole family
    The Tzar's Farm +Add


    Vacation village of the last Tsar
    The Sochi Waterfront +Add

    The Sochi Waterfront

    Seaside Sochi at its best
    Sochi River +Add

    Sochi River

    From the mountains to Sochi, to the sea
    Mzymta River +Add

    Mzymta River

    Russia's biggest Black Sea river
     Akhtyrshskaya Cave +Add

    Akhtyrshskaya Cave

    Scenic cave in the Adler district
    Trout Farm +Add

    Trout Farm

    The call them forellen in Europe
    На 33 водопадах (07) +Add

    33 waterfalls

    A UNESCO pleasure above Sochi
    Sochi national park +Add

    Sochi National Park

    Sochi's most grand attraction
    This juvenile is all skin and bones +Add

    Monkey Nursery Center

    Training the world's first astronauts
    On the Sochi Olympic Park Circuit +Add

    Olympic Park Formula 1 Circuit

    Russia's Grand Prix circuit
    Atos - Skating Palace - Sochi -  venue +Add

    Iceberg Skating Palace

    Sochi's impressive skating venue
    Iceberg Skating Palace during 2014 Winter Olympics short track +Add

    Adler Arena Skating Center

    Home of Olympic figure skating
    FishtStadium +Add

    Fisht Olympic Stadium

    Home of Sochi 2014 and FIFA 2018
    Bolshoy Arena (12515950124) +Add

    Shayba Arena

    The Olympic hockey venue
    Atos - at the Olympic Winter Games - Ice Hockey - Bolshoy Ice Dome - full overview +Add

    Bolshoy Ice Dome

    The showpiece of the 2014 Winter Games
    TeamKorea_Sochi_Olympic_Village_05 +Add

    Sochi Olympic Village

    Home away from home for 2014
    Parcul Central +Add

    Frunze Park

    A remnant of Tsarist Russia
    20150330MagnolieSochi1 +Add

    Park of Southern Cultures

    A beautiful Sochi green space
    Vancouver 2010: Winter Olympics - Countdown +Add

    Olympic Countdown Clock

    Counting down to the Winter Olympics
    Zavokzalny War Memorial +Add

    Zavokzalny War Memorial

    For the defenders of Mother Russia
    The Fountains, singing ones of course... +Add

    The Singing Fountains

    One of Sochi's most visited attractions
    The Golden Fleece +Add

    The Golden Fleece

    Lore of the past come to life
    Grass 01 +Add

    The Feat for Life Memorial

    A tribute to the healers of war
    Виадук через р. Сочи +Add

    Monument to Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

    A rare monument to three famous allies
    Anchor canon Sochi +Add

    Anchor and Cannon Monument

    Sochi's oldest monument
    Loo temple +Add

    Loo Temple

    A Byzantium ruin
    Godlik Fortress +Add

    Godlik Fortress

    Remnant of past wars
    Riviera Park +Add

    Riviera Park

    A favorite Sochi playground
    river +Add

    River Msympta

    A river run for fun
     Vorontsovskaya Caves +Add

    Vorontsovskaya Caves

    Amazing caving experiences in Sochi
    Image of Akhun Mountain Observation Tower +Add

    Akhun Mountain Observation Tower

    Incomparable vantage point on Sochi
    Tea plantation_24 +Add

    Matsetsa Tea Garden

    World famous teas grown here
    Вид на «Мавританскую» беседку +Add

    Dendrariy Park

    A Sochi green wonder
    Hosta Roscha +Add

    Box Tree and Yew Grove

    The wonders of Sochi start here
    Upper Agura waterfall +Add

    Agura Waterfalls

    A pure sensation
    Птица Черного моря +Add

    Sochi Coastal Public Path

    A scenic run, jog, or walk along the Black Sea