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Russia's summer capital

In 2007 when it won the bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi was famous as the country’s Summer Capital, attracting over 4 million visitors every season. Today? This beautiful seaside resort is a year-round destination. And there’s plenty to add to your Sochi guide, from tours to see Stalinist period Empire Style buildings and monuments, to visits to the fortress; from strolling in the local parks, to learning more about the area in one of Sochi’s museums; and so on. Being a tourist destination, Sochi loves to party, and you will find plenty of things to entertain you. International-standard cuisine completes the experience.

Restaurants in Sochi

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  • Adler
  • Central Sochi
  • Khosta
  • Lazarevskoye


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    Russian Cuisine +Add


    The highest gastronomic point in the South of Russia
    Russian Borscht Zuppa +Add

    Moscow Street

    Dine and party at the 14th floor of TTs Aleksandriya
    Mmm...french toast +Add

    Red Fox

    Gourmet Russian and French cuisine
    home made focaccia +Add

    Khmeli & Suneli

    Unique and traditional cuisine
    white pizza +Add


    One of the best Italian pizzerias in Sochi
    Julienne +Add


    Russian and French cuisine
    Mango Crepes +Add

    Brigantina Cafe

    Mouth watering French fare
    IMG_0853 +Add

    Nippon House

    Japanese restaurant chain
    Sake Sushi +Add

    Two Samurai

    A trendy sushi bar
    Back in the USSR +Add

    Cafe Jazz Cruise

    A museum slash restaurant slash novelty
    Porcini pasta served with grilled lamb. +Add

    La Terrazza

    All that's good and Italian
    lunch @ dhaba india ダバ インディア +Add

    Chill-out Indus

    One of the finest Indian restaurants in the city
    Candles +Add

    5 Candles

    Great for weddings and conferences
    cafe latte +Add

    Garden of Eden Café

    The name says it all
    Tinkoff Microbrewery +Add

    Restaurant Tinkoff

    Restaurant with a view, and a ton of beer
    Omakase sushi for lunch +Add

    Fujiyama Sushi Bar

    The real thing, only on the Black Sea
     Coffee +Add

    Café Old Bazaar

    A local coffee favorite
    Chef's Gourmet Food +Add


    Posh but friendly, gourmet and worth every penny
    Fettucine Marinara +Add

    Sinee More

    One of the city's best
    Dimlama (16425713838) +Add


    Uzbek cuisine and scenery
    13092009028 +Add

    Frau Marta

    German, sort of
    Japanese cheese cake +Add

    Yapona Mama

    Some Japanese, American, local, International love
    *** +Add

    Turetskaya Kukhnya

    When a kabob will do
    Russian tea biscuit +Add

    Stolovaya No 17

    A local diner
    charkhlis chogi (beets in tart cherry sauce) +Add

    Ne Goryuy

    Georgian cuisine at a bargain
    polenta, poached eggs, portobello mushroom and pesto +Add

    Café Natasha's

    For local favorites