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St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a stunning cityscape of cathedrals, towers, and gilded domes. There is no other place so astoundingly breathtaking – you’ll feel like walking through a live museum, where the baroque rules supreme. Life pulses in St. Petersburg’s streets, although the slow-paced rural atmosphere dominates. The experience is completed by chic shops and cafés, stunning art collections, music, and theater.

Wine at DinnerShane Adams / CC BY 2.0

Guccio Domagoj

Guccio Domagoj

Locals' Pick Croatian restaurant and winery

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Croatian restaurant and winery. Well hidden in the residential area of the city. Great pancakes with apples and figs for dessert.

Croatian restaurant and winery Editors' Note

Guccio Domagoj is a Croatian winery, run by a Polish-Croatian family. It offers a rich variety of Croatian wine for sale by the bottle, as well as an excellent wine list in its restaurant. There’s also a wine club for connoisseurs.

The Balcanic menu of Guccio Domagoj offers delicious and hearty soups, fish and seafood, a variety of desserts, including their signature pancakes with apples.

Guccio Domagoj
Pawła Suzina 8,, 01-585 Warsaw
+48 690 021 882