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Norway's black-gold treasure chest

There’s way more to Stavanger than a hunt for black gold, although the oil capital of Norway is not as popular of a destination as Oslo and Bergen. The city still retains some of its sleepy, provincial charm, but it’s now modern and cosmopolitan, and chock-full of nostalgic attractions and worthwhile treasures. Gamle Stavanger, with its winding streets and wooden houses, is still the main tourist draw. The fjords and scenic nature, however, are second-to-none, and there’s enough entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Attractions in Stavanger

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  • Eiganes og Våland
  • Hinna
  • Hundvåg
  • Madla
  • Storhaug - Hillevåg
  • Tasta


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    chicks +Add

    Gausel fritidsgård

    Farm life, nature and the environment
    Locals' Pick
    cow +Add


    From farm... to table
    Locals' Pick
    lamb +Add

    Soma Gård

    A fun place for the entire family
    Locals' Pick
    Yahoo! Sheep +Add

    Ullandhaug økologiske gård

    Organic farm in the city
    Locals' Pick
    Sauda hamn +Add

    Ski boat to Sauda

    Convenient way to reach the slopes
    Locals' Pick
    Dragvoll gård - Gnr. 48/53 +Add

    Kronen Gaard Canoe Rentals

    Exploring Sandnes on the water
    Storhaug skole +Add


    Arty neighborhood
    Locals' Pick
    2011-07-14 +Add


    The central square
    Locals' Pick
    Gamle Skudeneshavn +Add

    Gamle Skudeneshavn

    Old shipbuilding and fishing village
    Blueberry Picking - 17 +Add

    Rogaland Arboretum

    Beautiful nature trails
    Bro över Kilsån vid Sundsbacka 2579 +Add

    Storåna Riverside Walking Trail

    Scenic walk, with playgrounds
    Minnesteinene på Haraldstårnet +Add

    Ullandhaug tower

    Splendid views of the city
    Hundvåg IMG 5903 +Add


    Perfect family fun on a budget
    Hommersåk sentrum +Add


    Quaint town at the head of Riskafjord
    Flowers +Add

    Stavanger Botanical gardens

    Small gardens with family entertainment facilities
    Vaulen +Add

    Vaulen Beach Park

    Safe bathing, barbeques, trails
    IMG_7999-2 +Add

    Bjergsted Park

    A local favorite, with free concerts and playground
    Mosvatnet +Add


    Inland lake in Rogaland county
    View with sea, flowers and blue skyes.Valmue, (Papaver) poppy +Add

    Blå Promenade

    A refreshing walk
    The inner harbour of Stavanger with a sculpture by Antony Gormley looking outwards. +Add

    Stavanger Vågen

    The busy guest harbor of Stavanger
    Dalsnuten +Add


    Scenic summit with easy trails
    Høgsfjord seen from Dirdal. +Add


    Scenic wedding site
    Rosenberg Verft in the background +Add

    Rosenberg Verft

    A look at the local petroleum industry
    Byfjorden +Add


    Beautiful fjord with coves and scenic sights
    Locals' Pick
    Preikestolshytta +Add

    Preikestolen Basecamp

    The outdoors experience of a lifetime
    Frafjord +Add


    A scenic cruise
    Solastranden +Add


    North Jæren's favorite beach
    Kjerag - BASE jumping +Add


    Popular BASE jumping peak
    Coast +Add

    National Tourist Route Jæren

    A stunning hike
    Ogna  beach in Jærstrendene +Add


    The best beaches in the area
    Pulpit Rock +Add

    Pulpit Rock

    Stunning vistas
    Locals' Pick
    Utstein Monastery +Add

    Utstein Monastery

    Medieval monastery in Mosterøy
    Sola ruinkirke +Add

    Sola ruinkirke

    Ruins of a Roman stone church
    Skeiane, Rogaland - Riksantikvaren-T227 01 0174 +Add

    Skeiane farmstead

    Protected architectural gem
    Sandnes Church +Add

    Sandnes Church

    Beautiful church decorated by local artists
    Randaberg kirke +Add

    Randaberg kirke

    The church of Randaberg
    Preikestolen Mountain Lodge +Add

    Preikestolen Mountain Lodge

    A beautiful tourist retreat
    Fluberget +Add


    History carved in stone
    Uploaded by Siv-Eirin +Add

    Øvre Holmegate

    A colorful walk
    Locals' Pick
    Nye Nærbø Kyrkje +Add

    Nærbø kyrkje

    Striking church in Nærbø
    Høyland kirke +Add

    Høyland kirke

    Magnificent wooden church in Sandnes
    Gand kirke +Add

    Gand Church

    Innovative architecture
    Friluftshuset +Add

    Friluftshuset på Orre

    Orre recreation visitors center
    Ogna church +Add

    Ogna church

    Postcard pretty landmark
    Orre old church +Add

    Orre old church

    Treasure of culture
    Stavanger Cathedral +Add

    Stavanger Cathedral

    Norway's oldest cathedral
    Gamle Stavanger +Add

    Gamle Stavanger

    The old heart of the city
    Locals' Pick
    Hitler's teeth +Add

    Hitler's teeth

    World War II relics
    Sverd i Fjell (2) +Add

    Swords in Rock (Sverd i Fjell)

    In honor of a great king
    Gandsfjorden seen from Sandnes. +Add


    The city fjord
    The fjord Lysefjorden as seen from Kjerag +Add


    A view of the world from the light fjord
    Locals' Pick