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Norway's black-gold treasure chest

There’s way more to Stavanger than a hunt for black gold, although the oil capital of Norway is not as popular of a destination as Oslo and Bergen. The city still retains some of its sleepy, provincial charm, but it’s now modern and cosmopolitan, and chock-full of nostalgic attractions and worthwhile treasures. Gamle Stavanger, with its winding streets and wooden houses, is still the main tourist draw. The fjords and scenic nature, however, are second-to-none, and there’s enough entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Stavanger Cathedral

Famous Norway's oldest cathedral

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Norway's oldest cathedral Editors' Note

Stavanger grew around its Cathedral, the oldest in Norway, and one of the most visually striking as well. Stavanger Cathedral (Stavanger domkirke) was build between 1100-1150 (although the official records note 1125), and was consecrated to Swithin.

In 1272 the Stavanger Cathedral suffered extensive fire damages and had to be rebuilt. The Romanesque Cathedral was enlarged in the Gothic style under bishop Arne. The church was considerably altered again in the 1860s. Among the most valuable artifacts in the church, we mention Andrew Lawrenceson Smith’s Pulpit and epitaphs.

Stavanger Cathedral
Domkirkeplassen, 4600 Stavanger
Eiganes og Våland
Mon-Sun 11am-7pm, June-Aug. Tue-Thurs and Sat 11am-4pm, Sept-May, closed Mon and Fri.