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A clean, green city of islands

Made up of 14 islands where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is easily the most beautiful capital city in Scandinavia. From the cliffs of Söder to the shores of the Old Town, the city offers spectacular views at every turn. Efficient public transportation, or your own two feet, choose between more than 70 museums, numerous Nordic design shops, and gourmet restaurants doing surprising things with lingonberries.

Glazed Tile SquaresA.Davey / CC BY 2.0

Blue Hammam

Blue Hammam

Journey to the Middle East

Journey to the Middle East Editors' Note

Stepping into the Blue Hammam feels like a journey to the Middle East. This fantastically designed, authentic Turkish spa is located in the Blue Hotel in Stockholm, and is on a par with any hammam to be found in the ancestral land.

The elegant bath house at Blue Hammam is ornately decorated in true Turkish style, featuring a typical marble hob. There’s also a cool room, which guests recline in following their bath to regress back to their normal body temperature, and a camekan lounge, with free Turkish tea and snacks such as fruits and nuts, where guests come to relax after cooling off.

In addition to the bath, Blue Hammam offers two kinds of massage – classic Swedish massage and the Indian-inspired chakrflodes massage. Finally, they also offer kundalini yoga classes, which are ideal for anyone seeking rehabilitation from sports injury.

Blue Hammam
Elfviks udde, Lidingö Municipality Stockholm
+46 8 505 637 00