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Reporting incorrect venue content

Please use the "Report venue" link on the venue page. This makes it easier for us to find and solve the issue quickly. Thank you!

Creating city guides

I can’t find a certain venue. How do I add it to my guide?
Select the city and search for the place you want to add. If you don’t see it, try to look up the address and drop a pin in the map. We might not have a description for it, but you can still add it to your personal guide and see it on your city map.
Are my guides always public?
If you create a guide, it’s public and therefore your friends and other users can see it. However, you can change the visibility of your guide to ‘Secret guide’ by switching on the ‘secret’ option. This is located directly on your guide, below the ‘share’ option. With this setting on, you can still invite co-travelers, but they’ll need to have the exact link to find it.
I’m traveling together with a friend. Do we both need to create our own guides?
No, you can both use the same guide. Just start creating a guide and invite your friend to the guide by clicking the ‘Invite’ button on the top of the page (next to your personal image). Once your travel companion accepts the invitation, you can both use the same guide to create a travel experience together.
Can I delete places from my guide?
  • If you’re using the app: In the list view, place your finger on the venue and slide left to delete.
  • If you’re using the website: Click and drag the venue over to the red delete bar on the right that pops up as you drag. Alternatively on the website, you can click on the venue itself, and choose the “Delete Place” option under the photo.
Can I delete my guide?
We recommend you to keep you guides even after your trip, because they could be useful for friends visiting a certain city in the future. You can share your guides to help them find your favorite places. However, if you do want to remove your guide, just go to the ‘Settings’ view in your guide, and click ‘Delete Guide.’
I can’t find the ‘print PDF’ button anymore. Why? is primarily a mobile service, and we encourage our users to use the app when they’re traveling rather than printing from our website. Because cities and maps are available offline once they’re downloaded, there’s no need to worry about roaming charges when you use our service on your device while traveling abroad. Using the Stay app is easier, more interactive, and saves trees!


Why do you not have [city]?
We are constantly working to expand our content, and new cities are added all the time. Because it takes a lot of time to research and edit each city before it can be published, we are unable to cover every destination. If you have a hot tip of a city we are missing, please let us know on by using the ‘Suggest City’ bar at the bottom of our home page.
Can I add my own city?
No. To make cities available offline, we are required to manually edit each city. But you can let us know that we’re missing your home city or a place you’d like to go, and it might become a new destination.
The content for a certain venue is incorrect!
Please let us know by clicking the ‘Report an Error’ link at the bottom of the venue view. Your help is much appreciated!
I own a cool place and I think it should be on How do I get listed?
We’re always looking for cool places and venues, so we’re very happy to consider your place. Please send an email to with a short description of your place and a few nice pictures. We will check it out and decide if the place is right for
How can I become a Local Expert?
We’re always looking for talented and inspiring people to join our growing community of Local Experts. If you have some great tips in your area of expertise, or just love your city and want to share your favorite spots with travelers, we’d love to consider you! To apply, simply go to our ‘About’ page (you’ll find the link at the bottom of our homepage) and click ‘Become a Local Expert.’ Fill in your details, submit the form, and an editor will be in touch shortly to let you know if you’re a good fit for
Some cities have tons of Local Expert guides and others only a few. Why?
Our Local Expert project is an ongoing project and we are adding new travel guides every day. Some cities have more guides than others, because we started this project in the bigger cities and are now creating more and more guides for the smaller cities too. Stay tuned for many more Local Expert travel guides! If you think you (or someone you know) would be a great Local Expert in your home city or a city you know well, we’d love to consider you! Simply submit the ‘Become a Local Expert’ form on our ‘About’ page.
Who creates your content?
Our team of editors creates and manages the text and imagery of The Local Expert guides are curated content, built around locals’ recommendations and brand identity. To contact the editors with questions or comments, email us at

Technical questions

“Localization services disabled” notification in the maps. How do I turn it on?
This is a setting on your phone, which our app cannot control. You will find it under Settings → Privacy.
Can I really find my location for free?
Yes! GPS communication is free. The reason that other map applications are expensive to use while roaming is because the map is being downloaded as you browse. Because lets you download the map to your phone in advance, we do not download any additional data when you are browsing the map.
How can I get my destination on my phone?
Download the app for your iPhone or Android device, and log in or sign up. Go to the city of your choice, and click ‘Download City’ at the top of the screen.
How can I be sure that I am not using roaming when I’m traveling?
If you have downloaded the city, there is no data transfer when you are using the guides or browsing the map. Of course, when using other apps, you might still incur roaming fees. To be sure, you can turn off roaming in your phone’s settings.

My account

How do I change my notification settings?
Although we recommend to keep email notifications on to get update about your travel guides on Stay, you can choose to switch them off by going to your profile on the web, and going to the ‘Account’ tab. This is where you will find the different options for notification settings.
I don’t want to receive the newsletter. Where can I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the newsletter.
Are my details public?
Your profile is a public profile. You can make your guides private if you want to.
How can I remove my account?
We hope you’ll never want to, but if you do need to delete your account, go to your profile page, scroll to the bottom, and click the ‘Cancel Account’ link under the ‘Save Changes’ bar.
What kind of information do you get from me if I sign up with Facebook?
Facebook gives us your email, name, gender, birthday and profile photo so you don’t need to add this yourself.