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The harbor city where beaches and urban chic live side-by-side

On the east coast of Australia, Sydney is (just barely) the nation’s most populated city. At its heart is a stunning harbor which winds throughout the edge, eventually breaking free into the Tasman Sea at the natural gateway between North Head and South Head. Today’s Emerald City is defined by the waves of immigration that have transformed the once British colony into a thrilling multicultural melting pot.

Government House, Macquarie Street, SydneyRobert Cutts / CC BY 2.0

Government House

Government House

A museum and the NSW Governors reception hall

A museum and the NSW Governors reception hall Editors' Note

The Government House was designed by Edward Blore, British architect who designed Buckingham Palace. It is located just south of another architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House. Once it was the residence of New South Wales Governors, now it serves as an official reception area and museum.

The Government House is currently managed by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. Visitors can tour this building four days a week. It is occasionally closed to the public for vice-regal ceremonies, dinners and receptions. Special events open to the public, including cultural and community programs, are held here as well.

Government House
Mrs Macquarie's Road 1813-1816, 2000 Sydney
61 02 9931 5222
Friday to Sunday from 10.30am — 3pm by guided tour ONLY