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The harbor city where beaches and urban chic live side-by-side

On the east coast of Australia, Sydney is (just barely) the nation’s most populated city. At its heart is a stunning harbor which winds throughout the edge, eventually breaking free into the Tasman Sea at the natural gateway between North Head and South Head. Today’s Emerald City is defined by the waves of immigration that have transformed the once British colony into a thrilling multicultural melting pot.

BoardingDushan Hanuska / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman

Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman

Ride along with Riverboat Postman on a 3-4 hour trip

Ride along with Riverboat Postman on a 3-4 hour trip Editors' Note

Since 1910 the Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman has been traveling the longest of Australia’s east coast rivers providing groceries, milk, mail and newspapers to water bound developments. It was a lifeline between farming communities and the colony of Sydney. It still is a vital link.

Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman is the last of its kind serving the river community. Guests are welcome to climb aboard, sit back, and take in the fabulous scenery as the ferry glides over the water from settlement to settlement. The skipper will provide commentary along the way about “Tumbledown,” and “Blotto Grotto,” a waterside dwelling.

Hawkesbury River Riverboat Postman
Brooklyn Wharf (beside the Hawkesbury River Railway Station), Dangar Road Brooklyn NSW, 2004 Sydney
+61 (0)2 9985 7566
Monday to Friday, departing at 9:30am