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The harbor city where beaches and urban chic live side-by-side

On the east coast of Australia, Sydney is (just barely) the nation’s most populated city. At its heart is a stunning harbor which winds throughout the edge, eventually breaking free into the Tasman Sea at the natural gateway between North Head and South Head. Today’s Emerald City is defined by the waves of immigration that have transformed the once British colony into a thrilling multicultural melting pot.

Kings Cross

Kings Cross

Locals' Pick Colloquially called The Cross.

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This the area where you’ll meet lots of new travel friends and we’re you’ll have never-ending party nights.

Colloquially called The Cross. Editors' Note

Kings Cross is known as red light area and the drugs capital of Australia. Still it is a richly vibrant part of the city. The number of small trendy cafes and respectable businesses are growing, off-setting the plethora of strip clubs, topless waitress bars, adult bookstores, and seedy nightclubs.

Kings Cross was at one time well known for its musical halls and grand theaters. Although today it is still dominated by less desirable establishments, it is slowly evolving to its former dignified days. Visit The Cross in the daytime to see the historic attractions there. Go back at night to enjoy the lively crowds and bright lights.

Kings Cross
Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia, 2011 Sydney