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The harbor city where beaches and urban chic live side-by-side

On the east coast of Australia, Sydney is (just barely) the nation’s most populated city. At its heart is a stunning harbor which winds throughout the edge, eventually breaking free into the Tasman Sea at the natural gateway between North Head and South Head. Today’s Emerald City is defined by the waves of immigration that have transformed the once British colony into a thrilling multicultural melting pot.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park

Recreational opportunities for everyone

Recreational opportunities for everyone Editors' Note

Sydney Olympic Park offers endless choices in the family recreation department: bicycle and walking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, golfing, swimming, and tennis for starters. Enjoy art and cultural exhibits, workshops, films, or visit artists' studios. Hold a convention or conference here.

Sydney Olympic Park has a program called Kids in the Park offering over 40 programs and activities for children. There is an on-site child care service at the park allowing parents to avail themselves of sport, art, or nature opportunities. Within easy walking distance are restaurants, cafes, fast food facilities, and bars.

Visiting the park is free, attractions and services have a fee.

Sydney Olympic Park
Sydney Olympic Park NSW, 2127 Sydney
9714 7888
Open seven days, 9am to 5pm