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The harbor city where beaches and urban chic live side-by-side

On the east coast of Australia, Sydney is (just barely) the nation’s most populated city. At its heart is a stunning harbor which winds throughout the edge, eventually breaking free into the Tasman Sea at the natural gateway between North Head and South Head. Today’s Emerald City is defined by the waves of immigration that have transformed the once British colony into a thrilling multicultural melting pot.

Koala (2)grace_kat / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sydney Wildlife World

Sydney Wildlife World

See the largest variety of Australian wildlife under one roof

See the largest variety of Australian wildlife under one roof Editors' Note

Opened in late 2006, Sydney Wildlife World on three levels is perfectly placed next to Sydney Aquarium for those families seeking an animal-oriented day out. There are over 100 Australian animal species on site and a huge variety of uniquely bizarre plant life.

The ethos of the park is to tell each species' story on an evolutionary timeline within its own habitat, including elements of the Aboriginal dreamtime and conservation issues. Koalas naturally top the list, but the park is also home to wallabies, echidnas, reptiles, amphibians and more. The butterfly collection is truly amazing.

Sydney Wildlife World
1-5 Wheat Road Sydney CBD, 2000 Sydney
9333 9288
9am-10pm daily.