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The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife hosts one of the world’s most popular carnivals, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A place of astounding ecological diversity and a seaside paradise, including Parque Nacional del Teide, Playa de las Américas, and the ominous but fascinating El Teide volcano, which is the highest peak in all Spain. Expect a vibrant nightlife, fascinating museums, and of course, many outdoor activities.

Restaurants in Tenerife

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  • Abona
  • Anaga
  • Arico
  • Buenavista del Norte
  • Isora
  • La Octavia
  • Parque Nacional del Teide
  • Santa Ursula
  • Taraconte
  • Tegueste
  • Valle de Güímar


  • Spanish/Tapas
  • Local
  • Seafood
  • Mediterranean
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    Bistro Cheny +Add

    Le Petit Bistrot

    Fantastic hidden gem
    Etched Glassware +Add


    Classy island dining
    fish burger +Add

    The Hole

    Genuinely Italian food
    Locals' Pick
    Sicilian Tuna Fusilli +Add


    Exceptional Italian cuisine
    Pasta +Add

    El LEÓN De Bajamar

    Popular vegan restaurant
    food +Add

    Tasca 61

    Organic, seasonal, delicious
    El restaurante del arroz caldoso +Add

    Las Aguas

    Canarian rice and sea views
    Rotis Around Palak Paneer +Add

    Jai Mata Di

    Indian food in Puerto de la Cruz
    Feramisu +Add

    BAMBI Gourmet

    Traditional Romanian cuisine
    papas arrugás +Add

    Arcon Tapas

    Traditional Canarian food
    lebanese +Add


    Lebanese restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz
    Uploaded by Claudia +Add

    El Maná

    Organic and vegetarian restaurant
    Uploaded by Claudia +Add

    El Limón

    Vegetarian restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz
    squid +Add


    Seafood restaurant in San Miguel de Tajao
    Locals' Pick
    Vegetarian Lasagne +Add


    Vegetarian trattoria
    Tiramisu y Pastel de Limón +Add

    Pizza y Pasta

    Pizzeria and Italian restaurant
    Uploaded by Tom +Add

    Casa Pache

    Traditional local cuisine
    lobster nachos +Add

    La Rosa di Bari

    Inescapable enjoyment
    grilled pineapple, passionfruit jelly, mango puree, gateau +Add

    El Rincon de Juan Carlos

    A tiny bit of fine dining
    eating +Add

    Clavijo Treinta y Ocho

    Creative, delectable, affordable
    Fig and Basil wrapped with Prosciutto with Olive Oil and Vincotto - Il Fornaio +Add

    Mamma Rosa

    One of Tenerife's finest Italian restaurants
    Roasted Quails with Merlot Reduction Sauce, with Stir-Fried Haricots Verts +Add

    Pascal Restaurante

    Gourmet French and seasonal menus
    mussels +Add

    La Casucha

    Lovely local cuisine
    Fino - Cochifrito Suckling Pig - Taste of London 2010 +Add

    El Tablon de la Canela

    Call ahead for suckling pig
    La Bodeguita de Enfrente +Add

    Bodeguita de Enfrente

    Two brothers serve Canarian perfection
    Huevos con Jamon - Bebida +Add

    El Embrujo

    All things Spain cuisine
    Uploaded by Sven +Add

    El Molino Blanco

    A Tenerife tradition
    Chicken Kabob Sami's Restaurant August 30, 20101 +Add

    El Greco

    A friendly Greek corner of Spain
    Baked lobster with ginger and scallion +Add

    Restaurant 88

    Oriental cuisine with a view
    thai +Add

    Imperial Tai Pan

    The Epitome of Cool Oriental on Tenerife
    Fabada caserita +Add

    Don Pelayo

    A bit of Austria in Spain?
    Carne Asada +Add

    Tasca Tierras del Sur

    The best of Canarian cuisine
    White Wine +Add

    Jalea de Menta Restaurante

    Incomparable views and El Sauzal dishes too