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When Toronto author Robert Fulford wrote a book about his hometown, he called it Accidental City. It is the deliberate design of Canadian immigration policies, however, that has allowed Toronto to become the world’s most ethnically diverse metropolis. Half of the city proper’s 2.7 million residents are foreign-born; there are more than 150 languages spoken daily. A cool politeness pervades the streets – the legacy of Toronto’s early years as a British military post.

Thomson Memorial ParkCC BY-SA 3.0

Thomson Memorial Park

Thomson Memorial Park

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Family fun, history and more Editors' Note

Thomson Memorial Park was opened in 1960 to commemorate the founding of the city by the Thomson family, who arrived in the eastern Toronto section of Scarborough in 1796.

Opened 24 hours each day, Thomson Memorial Park is one of the nicest parks in the city, and it offers a variety of activities including tennis, soccer fields, softball, a wading pool for kids and a petting zoo.

Thomson Memorial Park
1005 Brimley Road Toronto, Ontario, M1P 3E8 Toronto
(416) 338-8807
24 hours