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When Toronto author Robert Fulford wrote a book about his hometown, he called it Accidental City. It is the deliberate design of Canadian immigration policies, however, that has allowed Toronto to become the world’s most ethnically diverse metropolis. Half of the city proper’s 2.7 million residents are foreign-born; there are more than 150 languages spoken daily. A cool politeness pervades the streets – the legacy of Toronto’s early years as a British military post.

St James Restaurant and Bar

St James Restaurant and Bar

Award winning St James Restaurant and Bar has found...

Award winning St James Restaurant and Bar has found... Editors' Note

Award winning St James Restaurant and Bar has found favour with both critics and the locals of London’s cool Crouch End. A relaxed and bustling gastro-bar with a superbly appointed restaurant hidden away in an intimate, beautifully appointed all-white room, St James has a simplistic, unfussy look and friendly, unobtrusive service. Out in the St James kitchen, British food takes a trip to the continent with a wide range of menus offering an array of colourful dishes suiting all tastes and occasions with clever combinations and attractive presentation. Famed throughout London, St James Sundays are hugely popular with families, offering a delicious roast lunch accompanied by high quality kids’ entertainment.

St James Restaurant and Bar
4 Topsfield Parade, Middle Lane, Crouch End, N8 8PR London
10:00-22:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun