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Italy's baroque ex-capital

A city of grandiose baroque colonnades set on a Roman-style grid, Turin feels as though it should be a capital city. Indeed it was in the past – as seat of the Savoyard dukes and kings from 1559, as capital of unified Italy from 1861-1864, and as the Fiat-driven Italian car capital for much of the 20th century. The wheels of industry came off in the 1980s, but since the new millennium and the 2006 winter Olympics, Turin has had a renewed, post-Fiat confidence.

The Royal Horseguards & 1 Whitehall Place

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The Royal Horseguards & 1 Whitehall Place

Exclusive parties are available at this venue.

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Exclusive parties are available at this venue. Few venues can boast the history of One White Hall place. The Gladstone Library is the ideal setting for any event. This luxuriuos suite connects with the Reading and Writing Room with breathtaking views over the Thames and the London Eye. The Whitehall Suite, once the Billiards Room, is another suite infused with history that would astound your guests and add to your evening. The River and Meston Suites with their beautiful chandeliers, richly decorated ceilings and decor are perfect for gathering up to 60 guests. Whatever the number in your party you are sure to find the fight setting, ambience and dining at One Whitehall Place.

The Royal Horseguards & 1 Whitehall Place
2 Whithall Court, London, SW1A 2EJ London