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Italy's baroque ex-capital

A city of grandiose baroque colonnades set on a Roman-style grid, Turin feels as though it should be a capital city. Indeed it was in the past – as seat of the Savoyard dukes and kings from 1559, as capital of unified Italy from 1861-1864, and as the Fiat-driven Italian car capital for much of the 20th century. The wheels of industry came off in the 1980s, but since the new millennium and the 2006 winter Olympics, Turin has had a renewed, post-Fiat confidence.

Mirror Ball AmsterdamEwan Topping / CC BY 2.0



Artful socializing amid drinks

Artful socializing amid drinks Editors' Note

Thursdays mean hip hop, Fridays techno and Saturdays a bit of everything in this large space on two levels. Art exhibits are displayed in the White room, while DJ’s pipe the beat through one of the city’s best sound systems.

A popular club to locals, this venue promises an eventful evening for travels as well.

Valprato 68, Turin
349 843 0860/335 427 935
Open midnight-6am Thur-Sat.