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Profile Image of Emilie Maslow

Emilie Maslow

Fashion Stylist

After graduating from college, Emilie started working on fashion shows for Nordstrom, where her talents were quickly sought after. Drawing inspiration from every facet of the creative process, Emilie is consistently pushing boundaries within the industry.

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Profile Image of Jason Horstman

Jason Horstman


I’m a South Dakotan-turned-Washingtonian who loves and enjoys being outdoors every chance I get. On the weekends, you will most likely find me out hiking or backpacking, and trying to cross the next adventure off my list. I have recently started my website as a way to share my hiking and photography experiences and to inspire others to get outside and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, and help others do the same.

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Profile Image of Laila Ghambari

Laila Ghambari

Barista Champion

Laila Ghambari is the Director of Coffee for Cherry Street Coffee House in Seattle, Washington and the 2014 United States Barista Champion.

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Profile Image of Bitch Beer

Bitch Beer

All-Female Craft Beer Blog

Bitchbeer.org is an all female-run craft beer blog started in Austin in 2012. The ladies behind Bitch Beer are also the co-authors of the book “Austin Beer: Capital City History on Tap,” which explores more than 150 years of Austin beer history–complete with read-along drinking games and beer pairings for every chapter.

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Profile Image of Ikaika Artworks

Ikaika Artworks


I’ve always been creative but after I graduated from college I found myself behind a desk as a project engineer for four years. I wasn’t happy and knew something needed to change. I started creating my unique and very distinctive artwork and realized that art was my true passion in life. I started my own art business called Ikaika Artworks in 2013. Through unique stencils, textures, and spray paint I express my creativity.

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Profile Image of Adina Preston

Adina Preston

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I am a wedding and portrait photographer from Seattle. What I probably most enjoy photographing is true human emotion - I don’t think there’s anything more genuine than that. When I look at my subject through my camera, what I see is extremely beautiful and unique, and I let that moment unveil organically without any interference, because that’s the purest essence of photography.

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Profile Image of Jenny  Khalema

Jenny Khalema

Health Expert

Jenny believes in using realistic strategies to strengthen the mind and body. Jenny’s goal is to provide people with simple advice through social media that will influence positive change in the way they exercise and eat. She doesn’t believe in strict diets or exercise programs—there are no quick fixes when it comes to fitness goals. Instead, she believes in small modifications to help people develop habits that will be sustainable for their mental and physical health.

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Profile Image of Amy Tipton


Design Colelctive

The Belltown neighborhood of Seattle has a funky character. We have six local designers on-site at Sassafras; come say hello!

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Profile Image of Tannya Bernadette

Tannya Bernadette

Fashion Stylist

Personal shopper & style editor in Seattle, WA. I can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. I combine your body type, budget, and personality to create a look uniquely yours.

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Profile Image of Jamie Eppenauer

Jamie Eppenauer

Gluten-Free Blogger

Jamie is the founder of the website Gluten Free Mom. She is a mom and cook, currently residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children.

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Profile Image of Cori Ready

Cori Ready

Hilliard's Beer

Hilliard’s Beer opened in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in October, 2011 with a focus on making great craft beer with the best available ingredients.

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Profile Image of Tracie Howe

Tracie Howe

Wedding Photographer & Travel Blogger

I am both a Seattle wedding photographer and a travel blogger, focusing on Seattle when I am at home. I know all of the best scenic locations in and near Seattle.

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Profile Image of Dana Landon

Dana Landon

Street Style Blogger

Dana is the founder of It’s My Darlin', Seattle’s street style fashion blog. She documents how the people of Seattle express themselves through the way they dress.

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Profile Image of Nick Davis

Nick Davis

Cocktail bartender, Advanced sommelier

Nick Davis is a craft bartender and Advanced Sommelier, with a passion for fine beverages and hospitality. He teaches cocktail preparation and deductive wine tasting via his company, Medium Plus.

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Profile Image of Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers

Seattle Food Tours

Hello Food Fans, I’m Michael Rogers the owner of Seattle Food Tours, longtime Seattlite, proud parent of two, former professional cook, traveler, entrepreneur since age 25. Having a good time has always come natural to me, and while my definition of a “good time” has evolved over the years, these days it usually means eating well, drinking modestly and laughing often, which also happens to be my business model for Seattle Food Tours.

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Profile Image of Susan Galbraith

Susan Galbraith

Singer Songwriter & Journalist

I’m a local singer/songwriter and music journalist so the Seattle music scene is my job as well as my hobby!

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Profile Image of Christine Blubaugh

Christine Blubaugh

Health Coach

Hi, I’m Christine, a health coach from Seattle. It’s my goal to support women in feeling their best through healthy eating, active lifestyles, positive mindset & radical self-care. Whether it’s through private coaching, group programs, blog comments or social media, I can’t wait to hear your story and help you transform your life.

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Profile Image of Taste 206

Taste 206

Food Tours

Taste Seattle Food Tours offers a 3 hour journey around Pioneer Square introducing you to the colorful history of Seattle’s first neighborhood all while introducing you to the merchants and artisans that own very unique restaurants and shops in the district that represent the melting pot that Seattle is of people and cuisines from all over the world.

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Profile Image of Hammer and Awl

Hammer & Awl

Men's Boutique

HAMMER + AWL is an independent men’s accessories boutique located in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood showcasing an evolving selection of aesthetically crafted goods with a focus on items made in the USA.

We are: Erin - shopkeep/curator Anthony - director of dapper/jack of all trades

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Profile Image of Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen


Noah Gundersen is a singer songwriter from Seattle. He writes songs and plays them for people. He likes to play music with his sister Abby.

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Profile Image of Michael Natkin

Michael Natkin

Vegetarian Chef

Herbivoracious is all about reinvigorating vegetarian cuisine with modern techniques and bold, authentic flavors. My philosophy is: I don’t care whether you call yourself a vegetarian, carnivore, pescetarian or flexitarian. Labels don’t matter. I want to make sure that if you cook a meatless meal tonight, it is hearty and delicious. That is the philosophy I bring to my blog, and my cookbook.

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Nick's Guide to Amazing Seattle

Unique Bars Around Seattle

Profile Image of Nick Davis

Nick Davis

Cocktail bartender, Advanced sommelier

Favorite places from the cocktail and wine expert. Seattle is a city that holds a wealth of excellent bars, many located outside the downtown core. As a Seattle native, I encourage visitors to find refreshment in one of our many neighborhoods. From elegant cocktails to rare beers on tap, my guide features bars from all around the city, each offering something unique.

  1. Tapas +Add

    Herb & Bitter Public House

    “Backed by a stunning collection of herbal liqueurs, their lively ...
    Locals' Pick
  2. Chuck's Hop Shop +Add

    Chuck's Hop Shop

    “This dog-friendly beer joint has a global selection, in bottle and ...
    Locals' Pick
  3. Double Burger at Damn the Weather +Add

    Damn the Weather

    “This industry favorite offers elevated late-nite dining, with ...
    Locals' Pick
  4. CANLIS +Add


    “Canlis makes elegant fine dining really fun. Pair a rare Belgian ...
    Locals' Pick
  5. Image of Oliver’s Twist +Add

    Oliver’s Twist

    “Venture out to this neighborhood cocktail gem, offering classic ...
    Locals' Pick
  6. Le Caviste +Add

    Le Caviste

    “Chalkboard menus give homage to laid-back France, including a long ...
    Locals' Pick
  7. The Lockspot Cafe +Add

    Lockspot Cafe

    “A reminder of the good old days in Seattle. Disappear to watch the ...
    Locals' Pick
  8. concert +Add

    Lo-Fi Performance Gallery

    “Grab a cold one and get your groove on, with DJs spinning funky ...
    Locals' Pick
Profile Image of Nick Davis

Nick Davis

Cocktail bartender, Advanced sommelier. Nick Davis is a craft bartender and Advanced Sommelier, with a passion for fine beverages and hospitality. He teaches cocktail preparation and deductive wine tasting via his company, Medium Plus.