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Profile Image of Andrea Gray

Andrea Gray


I’m a San Francisco based chef and author of the award-winning cookbook, Celebraciones Mexicanas: History, Traditions and Recipes. Since opening Una Señorita Gourmet, I have cooked for Bay area C-level executives from such firms as AirBnB and Google, catered team-building events and board luncheons for Twitter and Levi Strauss , ladies nights-out, non-profit fundraising events, and other gatherings of up to 50 people.

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Profile Image of Olga Sobal

Hedge Coffee


Hedge Coffee is a pop-up espresso bar & event coffee catering based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize on high-quality espresso-based drinks, nitro cold brew and manual coffee brewing. Great coffee, anywhere.

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Profile Image of Jennifer  Henry-Novich

Jennifer Henry-Novich

Founder of Just Add Glam

Jennifer is the blogger behind Just Add Glam, adding a bit of glam to everyday through fashion, beauty, travel, fitness & lifestyle.

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Profile Image of Ceri Smith

Ceri Smith


Ceri Smith is an award-winning sommelier located in San Francisco. She is the owner of Biondivino, a specialty Italian wine boutique that won the 2012 Leccio d'Oro Brunello di Montalcino Consorzio, among several other awards. She is also the Wine Director at Tosca in San Francisco. Ceri was recently named 2014 Sommelier of the Year by ‘Food & Wine Magazine’.

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Profile Image of Kim Sturdavant

Kim Sturdavant


Kim Sturdavant is brewmaster at Social Kitchen and Brewery. He believes in crafting beer that is both accessible and interesting! He focuses on classic English and Belgian style ales but is best known in the beer community for his SKB Pilsner. Kim lives in the Inner Richmond district of SF. He’s not afraid to ride his bike across town to grab a pint or chill out in a grassy field with a couple of bottles.

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Profile Image of Caroline Fey

Caroline Fey


Caroline graduated from college with a Journalism degree and thought she wanted to be a food and travel writer. By the time she moved to San Francisco she was ready for something new. She started a little company called Mariposa Kitchen and began working as a private chef and caterer. She also started teaching cooking classes in her home. The cooking classes took off and five years later, her company has been rebranded as The City Kitchen.

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Profile Image of Christine Eubanks

Love & Tomatoes

Certified Health Coach

Holistic Health & Life Transformation Coach at Love & Tomatoes. Igniting passion for women who want to work less, live more and find love in their life. The Bay Area’s “Best Nutritionist 2011”.

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Profile Image of Samson Koletkar

Mahatma Moses

Standup Comedian

I’m world’s only Indian Jewish standup comedian. I’ve performed my cerebral, witty, thought-provoking, clean humor in India, Canada & U.S. and have been featured on NBC, CBS & NPR.

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Profile Image of Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker

Fitness Guru

Co-founder and president of Fit Approach, dedicated to helping others achieve their own fitness goals and healthier lifestyles. I’m a certified yoga teacher, and my athletic pursuits include tennis, cycling, snowboarding, swimming, dancing, and running.

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Profile Image of Anne Lowrey

Anne Lowrey

Travel Writer

I’m an award-winning freelance travel writer and blogger based in San Francisco. After spending a year in the world, I insisted on building a life at home that I love as much as I love traveling. The result was a move to SF, which I affectionately call my “soul city.” I believe passionately that you don’t have to give up the life you’re already living to see the world. I blog at Part-Time Traveler, which emphasizes the connection between and balance of travel and home.

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Profile Image of Kimberly Gant

Kimberly Gant

Fashion Stylist

Kimberly holds a B.A. in Humanities and Business Studies from Providence College. It was while studying art and fashion photography in Florence, Italy that a career in the apparel industry became a clear vision. Eventually her love for fashion, styling, and helping people find the perfect fit led her to start her career personal styling and founding Canvas Styling. With a passion for helping people cultivate their wardrobe, she sees her primary role as that of a style coach.

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Profile Image of Tony DiCaro

Tony DiCaro


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I’m the owner and operator of The Refinery Grooming Club in San Francisco’s Mission District. After years of everything from fades and pompadours, to color jobs and big blow outs, I settled into my stylist sweet spot in San Francisco: precise short hair cuts and beard trims.

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Profile Image of Hanna  Aase

Hanna Aase


CEO of Wonderloop and huge fan of the Marina District, where it’s totally acceptable to fine dine in your yoga pants! The relaxing-but-you-better-be-healthy vibe makes Marina the place that, if you can’t live a healthy life here, then there is no hope!

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Profile Image of The  Booksmith

The Booksmith

Independent bookstore

The Booksmith is an off-center general interest bookstore serving the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco since 1976. We have re-imagined the role independent bookstores play in their communities and how best they can be sustainable cultural institutions. Today, Booksmith is known for our bright, welcoming space, our plentiful staff recommendations around the store, our huge and unusual card selection, and our innovative events program (Shipwreck, Bookswap).

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Profile Image of San Francisco  Art Enthusiast

San Francisco Art Enthusiast

Online Art Magazine

San Francisco Art Enthusiast is not only an online magazine that chronicles the vast art scene through gallery and museum exhibition reviews, interviews of artists as well as art professionals with critical insight into the unique aspects of the contemporary San Francisco art scene, it also aims to provide support and encourage development in the San Francisco Bay Area art scenes by providing resources and opportunities for both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

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Profile Image of Ariana Hendrix

Ariana Hendrix

Stay.com Content Editor

A native of northern Michigan, I’ve lived in London and San Francisco and now call beautiful Oslo, Norway home. I’m a writer who loves food, wine, literature, craft beer, fashion, history, and exploring the great outdoors. I’m also a content editor for Stay.com. Happy travels!

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Profile Image of Ashley Kane

Ashley Kane

Lifestyle Blogger

Ashley is a San Francisco based lifestyle blogger behind the site Brunch on Chestnut. Her passion for brunch, discovering hidden gems, and appreciation for the little luxuries in life, has led her to a few favorite spots around the city.

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Profile Image of Flora Grubb

Flora Grubb


Nursery woman Flora Grubb creates lavishly beautiful landscapes that require minimal water and chemicals. Her artful Bayview District nursery, Flora Grubb Gardens, has become a gathering place for design-driven gardeners and who are pursuing a wiser use of resources. Complemented by a shop with outdoor furniture and garden-related gifts and books, Flora’s nursery hosts garden- and art-related events and invites visitors to linger at an in-house branch of Ritual Coffee Roasters.

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Profile Image of Liisa Jokinen

SF Looks

Street Style Blog

SF Looks / Hel Looks is a street style blog from Helsinki and San Francisco. We document individual, unique looks and styles. The blog was founded in July 2005 and it’s created by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen.

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Profile Image of Deborah Dal Fovo

Deborah Dal Fovo

Italian Chef

Deborah Dal Fovo is an accomplished Italian Chef and cooking expert who mastered her culinary education hands-on while living in Italy for 20 years and becoming an authority on the art of Italian living. Now based in the San Francisco Bay area, she shares her vast experience working as a Private Chef, Italian cooking instructor and Italian ambassador of good taste. She appears frequently as guest chef on TV shows and is currently writing a cookbook and developing her own cooking show concept.

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Profile Image of Simone Miller

Simone Miller

Chef and Entrepreneur

Simone Miller is the chef and owner of Zenbelly, San Francisco’s only 100% gluten-free catering company that specializes in Paleo cuisine. She recently published her first book, The Zenbelly Cookbook, an epicurean’s guide to paleo cuisine. Additional information can be found via her website.

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Profile Image of Briana Stockton

Briana Stockton

Certified Trainer and Raw Food Chef

Briana Stockton, SF native certified trainer and raw food chef, has a life-long passion for health, wellness, and fitness. She just recently wrote a juice book, The Juice Solution, which is sold online or in store at Williams Sonoma. Briana is available for hire to prepare raw meals in the luxury of your own home.

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Profile Image of Michelle Moquin

Michelle Moquin

Style Specialist

“The Quest for Killer Style is like the Hunt for the Holy Grail.”

Michelle Moquin is a Specialist in Styles that provides a variety of style services for women and men who want to transform and/or refine their professional and personal style/image, or increase their self-confidence, through a process of discovery that is exciting, fun and easy!

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Profile Image of Gay Heit

Gay Heit

Vegetarian Chef

Gay Heit is a personal chef serving the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to cooking for hungry families, she teaches cooking classes and helps others find their own paths to healthy eating. After graduating college with a degree in French, she decided culinary school was her true calling and has traveled the world cooking, eating, and learning as much about food as possible. When not cooking, Gay can be found exploring the stairways of San Francisco or at Fort Funston with the dogs.

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Profile Image of Romeo Reyes

Romeo Reyes


DJ Romeo Reyes first discovered his love for the turntables when he was just sixteen years old. Before the age of eighteen, Romeo was already sharing the stage with recording artists such as Too Short and E-40. Since his humble beginnings as a young DJ, Romeo has become one of the most acclaimed DJs and entertainers in the Bay Area. His talent, creativity, and perseverance have provided him with opportunities to work with celebrities such as 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and Pitbull.

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Profile Image of Brianne Haag

Brianna Haag

Events Professional

Brianna Haag is on the marketing team at the event website Eventbrite and has been living and playing in SF for over 5 years. She enjoys hiking, cycling, running… and continuing to explore all of SF’s best bars and restaurants! She can usually be found at events ticketed via Eventbrite.

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Profile Image of Chuck Sperry

Chuck Sperry

Rock Art Illustrator

Chuck Sperry has honed the craft of designing and hand screen printing for over 15 years to become recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost rock poster artists. Elevating the craft to fine art, he creates socio-political artwork beyond rock. He adheres to the ideal that beauty strengthens his message. Sperry works in San Francisco, but exhibits internationally from Bristol to Belgrade.

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Profile Image of Jennifer Maerz

The Bold Italic


I’m a producer at The Bold Italic, an online magazine, shop, and events hub that celebrates all things San Francisco. I’ve written about pop culture for over 10 years, working as a music editor at alt weeklies in San Francisco and Seattle and freelancing for such outlets as Spin, Salon.com, Amazon, and the Washington Post. I will always have a special place in my heart for quirky music venues, outdoor shows in Big Sur, and psychedelic rock.

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Profile Image of Leila Burrows

Leila Burrows

Yoga Teacher

I’m the co-founder of Pad Studios and I began practicing power yoga with Bryan Kest as a UCLA undergraduate. In 2008, I left Los Angeles-based luxury hotel management to complete my first 200-hour yoga certification through Yoga Works of Santa Monica. From day one, the transformational powers of yoga have inspired me to pursue a life practice of health and balance in body and mind.

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Profile Image of Simona and Ward Surf

WB Surf

Surf Teachers

We’re Simona and Ward, and we teach you how to surf the San Francisco Bay Area. Experience the excitement of standing up on your board for the first time and riding the wave all the way in!

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Profile Image of Ensemble Personal Shopping


Personal Stylists

We’re Rachel and Kimberly, and we are Ensemble Personal Image Consulting. “EPIC” was founded in 2005 to provide men and women with a life-long understanding of how a well-developed personal image can create a successful and enduring impression.

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Profile Image of Jeffrey Burks

Jeffrey Burks

Make-up Artist Extraordinaire

I’m a make-up artist extraordinaire for Trish McEvoy, I teach make-up application lessons and I’ve a passion for travelling.

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Profile Image of Stretcher San Francisco


Visual Culture

We are a collaborative group of artists, writers and arts professionals who saw the need for greater dialogue about the arts in the Bay Area.

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Profile Image of Dylan's Tours

Dylan's Tours

Tour Guide

I’m a true local with a passion for travel who’s sharing my love for my city with thousands of travellers, from all over the world. I’ll take you to the best sights and hidden gems.

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San Francisco bridge women

San Francisco Attractions for Active Travelers

Profile Image of Phil Butler

Phil Butler

. San Francisco is an active city with many opportunities for those who want to keep fit while enjoying the city's history, and main attractions. Walking tours are very popular, and so are biking tours and sailing tours. Good golfing facilities for the posh, and enough trails to keep joggers happy.

  1. Lyon Street Steps +Add

    Lyon Street Steps

    A runner's paradise
  2. Harry Steps +Add

    Harry Steps

    San Francisco's "hairiest" stairs
  3. Filbert Street steps +Add

    Filbert Steps

    One of the city's most famous stairways
  4. SanFrancisco A city of bicycles +Add

    Blazing Saddles

    The city's bike rental & touring company with the largest fleet
  5. Framing the shot Golden Gate bridge +Add

    Bike and Roll San Francisco

    The city's premier bycle rental and touring company
  6. Long Ridge Open Space Bay Area Ridge Trail +Add

    Bay Area Ridge Trail

    Over 310 miles of ridge-top trail
  7. Harding Park +Add

    Harding Park Golf Course

    Winner of Golf Digest's "Best Places to Play" Award