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Profile Image of Christopher Wells


Expat Blogger

I have been living in Valencia since November, 2013. I have been a high school teacher, a biologist, a business consultant, an international learning program designer, a policy and procedure developer, a technology director, a school district administrator, an author, a PhD student, and a traveler.

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Andreu Escrivà

Foodie and Scientist

During the day I’m an environmental scientist who tries to discern the best way to understand and preserve our natural heritage. During the night I’m a food hunter in search for the best locals in one of the most beautiful and tastiest cities in the world: my beloved Valencia!

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Profile Image of Sandra Llopis

Sandra Llopis

Wedding Planner

Hi! My name is Sandra and I am a wedding planner from Valencia. I studied Advertising and Public Relations, with a master’s in Marketing. My passion for wedding and organizing events guided me to becoming a wedding planner, and so I founded my own wedding planning company: Con Otro Rollo.

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Jana Czipin

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than 15 years. It has improved my posture, made my body stronger and flexible and calmed my busy mind. I became a certified Yoga Teacher from the Mysore Mandala Shala (India) in 2005 and in 2008 I studied at KYM with TKV Desikachar in Chennai (India). In 2010 I attended an Ashtanga Teacher Training course with David Svenson. I live in Valencia, Spain and beside regular classes I offer also yoga holidays to Egypt, Turkey and Spain.

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Profile Image of Olga Adelantado

Olga Adelantado

Gallery Director

Olga is the director of the Luis Adelantado art gallery in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 1985 by her father Luis Adelantado, the Luis Adelantado Gallery has since its beginning focused on the promotion of contemporary art.

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Profile Image of Joru Vati

Rubén Valiente

Personal Trainer

Rubén is a personal trainer with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity. Valencia is his home city, and this is where he works with clients on fitness, endurance, strength, energy and weight loss.

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A Day in Ciutat Vella

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Cultural heart of Valencia. In the old part of Valencia, Ciutat Vella, you'll find many of the city's most popular and famous attractions. Such Gothic marvels as Lonja de la Seda, superb commercial enterprises like Mercado Central de Valencia, and more shopping adventures await at Plaza Redonda, just to name a few places you should not miss here.

  1. seafood fried rice +Add

    Seu Xerea

    Mediterranean-Asian fusion
  2. La pitanza Poco a Poco +Add

    La Pitanza

    Affordable fine cuisine
  3. museo de la L`amoina +Add

    Museo de la Almoina

    Archaeological museum with an innovative concept
  4. "Vivan las cadenas", museu dels Soldadets de Plom L'Iber, València +Add


    The tin soldiers museum
  5. MUVIM - Museo Valenciano de la Ilustracion y la Modernidad +Add

    MUVIM - Museo Valenciano de la Ilustracion y la ...

    The Valencia Museum of the Enlightment and Modernity
  6. El Mercado :-) +Add

    Mercado Central de Valencia

    A cathedral of commerce
    Locals' Pick
  7. Plaza Redonda Market +Add

    Plaza Redonda

    Shopping haven
  8. Arcs que sostenien la volta que cobria la séquia, muralles de València +Add

    Galería del Tossal

    Historic exhibits
  9. Uploaded by Maryse +Add

    Catedral de Valencia

    The seat of the Archbishops of Valencia
  10. Iglesia de Santa Catalina: detail of the bell tower +Add

    Iglesia de Santa Catalina

    One of the emblems of Valencia's Old Town
  11. Lonja de la Seda +Add

    Lonja de la Seda

    Gothic-style building
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Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com, so you get a head start on your city exploring. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!