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Live, breathe, eat Vancouver

Consistently voted among the best cities in the world to live in, Vancouver is visually stunning, from its snow-capped mountains to its sandy beaches on the edge of Pacific waters. Despite its laid-back culture, there is a genuine fizz of creative energy, which can be seen in the constant building work and artistic endeavour across the city, not least in its kitchens. This young city has much to offer everyone, from shopping to skiing, to just sightseeing, plain and simple.

TheatreunderthestarsJhayne / CC BY 2.0

Theatre Under the Stars

Theatre Under the Stars

Amateur and pro theater under the open sky

Amateur and pro theater under the open sky Editors' Note

Theatre Under the Stars is an outdoor theatre that functions throughout the summer nights in Stanley Park. The actors, both seasoned and new, perform classics like Singing in the Rain, Grease and other plays, to an audience in the open air. Performances are subject to the weather.

The shows performed at Theatre Under the Stars are all wonderful musicals. While there are professional actors involved, many of those acting are still in training. It’s an interesting way to spend an evening out in Vancouver and pick up some of the culture.

Theatre Under the Stars
610 Pipeline Road, V6G 1Z4 Vancouver
604/257-0366, 1-877-840-0457
varies according to show