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Live, breathe, eat Vancouver

Consistently voted among the best cities in the world to live in, Vancouver is visually stunning, from its snow-capped mountains to its sandy beaches on the edge of Pacific waters. Despite its laid-back culture, there is a genuine fizz of creative energy, which can be seen in the constant building work and artistic endeavour across the city, not least in its kitchens. This young city has much to offer everyone, from shopping to skiing, to just sightseeing, plain and simple.

John Clement Art Prize Sculpture at Castle 8-13-093Steven Depolo / CC BY 2.0

Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts

Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts

Fine art gallery full of contemporary art

Fine art gallery full of contemporary art Editors' Note

For visitors to Vancouver who enjoy modern art, Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts is one of the city’s many art galleries, featuring artists from the area. You’ll find paintings, sculptures and occasionally photographs at this gallery, with ever changing exhibits as they are constantly bringing in new art.

Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts allows you to purchase the art displayed, though it is fine art, and therefore very pricey. Still, a good spot to visit for anyone who enjoys art.

Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts
Main Floor - 1445 W Georgia St Vancouver BC, V6G 2T3 Vancouver
10am-6pm Mon-Sat noon-5pm Sun