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Consistently voted among the best cities in the world to live in, Vancouver is visually stunning, from its snow-capped mountains to its sandy beaches on the edge of Pacific waters. Despite its laid-back culture, there is a genuine fizz of creative energy, which can be seen in the constant building work and artistic endeavour across the city, not least in its kitchens. This young city has much to offer everyone, from shopping to skiing, to just sightseeing, plain and simple.

P1000648emilee rader / CC BY-SA 2.0
P1000646emilee rader / CC BY-SA 2.0
Ships from the Teahouse, Stanley Park, VancouverReg Natarajan / CC BY 2.0

Teahouse in Stanley Park

Teahouse in Stanley Park

Unforgettable dining experience

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Unforgettable dining experience Editors' Note

The iconic Stanley Park Teahouse is one of Vancouver’s must-see restaurants. The stunning setting, with towering pine trees in the backyard and the roaring ocean out front make any visit unforgettable. Originally opened as a tearoom in the 1950s, the Teahouse has evolved into one of Vancouver’s culinary favorites. The building is beautiful inside, with huge floor to ceiling windows, lots of greenery and a contemporary and elegant décor. There are beautiful views over English Bay, and it’s said that it’s possible to see the sunset from any seat in the house.

The menu is a mixture of small plates and larger mains, made up of local, fresh and sustainable produce. Premium meats, fresh seafood, a selection of house salads, pasta and sharing plates are offered, all rounded off with some delicious homemade desserts. Brunch is served at weekends, with decadent dishes like Duck and Waffles and Lobster Tail Benedict. Best of all, the Teahouse is only a few minutes from downtown Vancouver, so this little piece of West Coast bliss is very accessible for any visitor.

Teahouse in Stanley Park
7501 Stanley Park Dr,, V6G 1Z4 Vancouver
Mon-Sun: 10:30-22:30