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Venice: sinking, spectacular, and truly unique.

Venice may be sinking, but it is still spectacular and truly unique. Bedazzling visitors, its appears to hover mystically between the lagoon and vast expanse of skyline, its cupolas and campaniles peeping above tightly packed rooftops. Beloved of Romantic poets and contemporary travelers alike, Venice’s appeal lies in her timeless elegance, age neither withering the glory of her architecture nor depleting the abundance of her treasures. They say ‘See Naples and die’, but you will see Venice and drool.

Mmm... braised lamb with tomatoes and roasted veggies over noodlesjeffreyw / CC BY 2.0

Osteria La Zucca

Osteria La Zucca

Stop off by foot or by boat for a cozy lunch or dinner

Stop off by foot or by boat for a cozy lunch or dinner Editors' Note

Osteria La Zucca seems like just another Venetian trattoria at first glance, but the menu is a superb and enticing blend of Mediterranean themes, one which changes ever day. Billed as a vegetarian spot, the establishment actually offers a great selection of meats from rabbit to steak.

Vegetable side orders or mains are inspiring, while the extraordinarily cozy and warm surroundings make for a pleasant continuance of the leisurely pace of the canal traffic just outside. In fact Osteria La Zucca is accessible from the street side as well as from boat. For meat lovers the roast lamb with tzatziki comes highly recommended. As mentioned, space is very limited, so calling ahead is a good idea.

Osteria La Zucca
Santa Croce 1762, 30135 Venice
+39 (041) 524-1570
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM and 7:00 - 10:30 PM Closed Sunday