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Romeo and Juliet all the way

There is no way to escape the magic of the city that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Verona is beautiful at any time of the year and is a city to discover on foot. Check out the scenic architecture in the historical center, Roman ruins (the ancient Roman amphitheater hosts a remarkable opera festival every summer), palaces, Renaissance churches and gardens. Verona is perpetually in love. Its chic cafés and restaurants are always romantic, the nightlife finds starry-eyed lovers everywhere and even the fashion is sensual and passionate.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica

Home of the Arche Scaligere

Home of the Arche Scaligere Editors' Note

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica is a small Romanesque church, built in 1185 on the site of a VII century church. It is notable as the private chapel of the Scala family, who built the family funerary monuments, the famous Arche Scaligere, in the church’s courtyard.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica is mostly visited for the Arche Scaligere, but it also has its own noteworthy features, including a small square bell tower in tuff, in pure Romanesque style.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica
Via Arche Scaligere 3, 37121 Verona
+39 045 595508 ‎