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Home of the Habsburgs, the capital of classical music, and the multicultural melting pot of Mitteleuropa, Vienna is one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. Its slow-paced life, architectural variety, and intensely seasonal cultural and gastronomic pleasures make Vienna an ideal destination for visitors. Get ready for balmy summer evenings at wine taverns, mugs of mulled wine at Christmas markets, and strolls through historic streets.

Restaurants in Vienna

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  • Alsergrund
  • Donaustadt
  • Innere Stadt
  • Josefstadt
  • Landstraße
  • Leopoldstadt
  • Neubau
  • Schönbrunn
  • Wieden


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    food +Add

    Zum Alten Fassl

    Austrian cuisine, and a favorite of the locals
    Israeli Food +Add


    Everything-in-a-pita by celebrity Chef Eyal Shani
    Ulrich +Add


    Cozy eatery near the church St. Ulrich
    Locals' Pick
    Motto am Fluss +Add

    Motto am Fluss

    Healthy eats in a beautiful cafe and restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    burger +Add


    Excellent burgers
    Locals' Pick
    Volksgartencafe +Add

    Volksgarten Pavillon

    The people's garden
    First Wiener Schnitzel +Add

    Gasthaus Quell

    Traditional restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    Peach Salad +Add

    Restaurant Rasouli

    Cozy, organic eatery
    Locals' Pick
    Im Wirtshaus +Add

    Alexander's Küchenmeisterei

    Pub grub by Alexander Wüllerstorff
    Locals' Pick
    Pork Schnitzel +Add

    Schutzhaus am Ameisbach

    Local cuisine in an idyllic location
    Locals' Pick
    Singapore Noodles - Global Vegetarian AUD9.80 +Add


    Vegetarian treats
    Locals' Pick
    St. Ellas +Add

    St. Ellas

    Bistro, bar and grill
    Locals' Pick
    Sashimi +Add


    Japanese restaurant
    Sake Sushi +Add


    Japanese cuisine, and sushi bar
    Locals' Pick
    Tomato harvest 2005 +Add

    Harvest Café - Bistrot

    Vegan and vegetarian dishes
    Locals' Pick
    Ding's cooking +Add

    Thai Isaan Kitchen

    Thai fast food, for connoisseurs
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Edward +Add


    Gourmet temple for Austrian cuisine
    Image of Hidden Kitchen +Add

    Hidden Kitchen

    Healthy, organic food
    Locals' Pick
    Mochi* to Anko +Add


    Japanese fusion food
    Locals' Pick
    "Bio-Bratwürstl" +Add

    Zur Herknerin

    Viennese home food
    Locals' Pick
    Veggie Chow Mein in Vancouver +Add

    Zimmer 37

    Organic, 5 elements cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine +Add


    100% vegetarian pay-by-weight buffet
    Locals' Pick
    Vegetables salad mandolin root vegetables +Add


    Vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Vienna
    Locals' Pick
    Naschmarkt +Add

    Tewa 672 am Naschmarkt

    Organic cuisine for every budget
    Locals' Pick
    Chinese lemon pastries from Golden Gate Bakery, 2007 +Add

    Nice Rice

    Vegetarian alternatives
    Locals' Pick
    beer +Add

    Cafe Ansari

    Georgian delicacies in the heart of Vienna
    Locals' Pick
    Donauturm +Add


    Impressive views
    Kristian's Monastiri Restaurant - 1070 Vienna - 1 +Add

    Kristian's Monastiri

    Stunning and delicious
    DSC00160 +Add


    Dinner in the stock exchange building
    freshly squeezed +Add

    Nemtoi Bar

    A truly stunning bar
    Spicy! +Add

    Nirvana - Wien

    Indian tradition meets contemporary Vienna
    replete +Add

    Nemtoi Restaurant

    One of Vienna’s most striking spaces
    Sake Sushi +Add


    Perhaps the best sushi in Vienna
    Locals' Pick
    replete +Add


    Unashamedly luxurious dining
    sushi +Add

    Dots - experimental Sushi

    A lounge and sushi restaurant
    Do & Co in Stephansplatz +Add

    DO & CO Stephansplatz

    A fine dining experience and a world of good tastes
    bread +Add

    Der Wiener Deewan

    A Pakistani restaurant specializing in Indian foods


    Croatian seafood restaurant and bar
    Pizza +Add

    Da Gennaro

    An Italian pizza shop and restaurant
    Caramella of Mint and Ricotta +Add

    Da Capo Ristorante

    An Italian Restaurant/ Pizzeria in the center of Vienna
    Shrimp curry +Add

    Curry Insel

    A family run restaurant serving Sri Lankan curries
    Cooking at Chalet Savoie Faire +Add

    Coté Sud

    Enjoy wine and goat cheese at this French restaurant
    Suiza loves Italia +Add

    Cantinetta Antinori

    Tuscan ambiance and Antinori wines
    Beer and burger +Add

    Brandauers Schlossbrau

    An upscale, classic Viennese restaurant
    Bettelstudent +Add


    A homey place offering timeless pleasure.
    Uploaded by Miriam +Add

    Beim Czaak

    One of a few beisls left in the Innere Stadt
    zisakumeshi_pattai.jpg +Add


    Serving excellent Thai food in Vienna
    3 Hacken Gaststube +Add

    3 Hacken Magazin

    Good Austrian cuisine, contemporary setting at Riemergasse 14
    Yohm Schanigarten +Add


    Contemporary Asian Cuisine
    Venison +Add

    Palais Coburg Weinbistro

    An all day bistro in the Innere Stadt
     steak tartare +Add

    Le Salzgries

    Top-class French restaurant and bar
    Ilona Stueberl +Add

    Ilona Stuberl

    Family owned restaurant for 50 years -- pet friendly
    Uploaded by Dirk +Add

    Gasthaus Pfudl

    A highly recommended Austrian guesthouse
    Wine Not... +Add

    at eight

    Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner - in style
    Teka-Maki Sushi +Add

    Teka Sushi

    Affordable sushi
    pasta +Add

    Il Sestante

    Italian food, surrounded by Austrian culture
    Chef's Gourmet Food +Add


    Relaxed and delicious
    Kim kocht innen +Add

    Kim Kocht

    Pricey with a lot of distractions
    Maguro madness +Add


    Authentic Japanese sushi
    Happiness Is a Cold Drink +Add

    Gasthaus Poschl

    Tasty Austrian foods that change with the season
    Puerstner aussen +Add


    Good food and drinks
    Restaurant Ellas Schanigarten +Add


    Breezy Mediterranean bistro
    110123_Plachutta 19 +Add


    Boiled beef fit for a king
    Stuffed Viennese pancake +Add

    Gmoa Keller

    The Viennese vibe
    Restaurant Artner Bar +Add


    Opulent organic fare
    Glacis Beisl Beer Garten MQ Vienna +Add

    Glacis Beisl

    The secret garden
    Stuffed Viennese pancake +Add

    Skopik und Lohn

    Great interior, even better food
    Locals' Pick
    Ansjoser, tang, oliven og ost +Add


    Dalmatian sensations
    Burger +Add

    Die Burgermacher

    Burger heaven on Burggasse
    In the buffet bar, Stalybridge railway station. +Add


    Echoing launghter in the heart of Vienna
    Tafelspitz +Add

    Schöne Perle

    Schnitzel served in atmosphere
    2 morgens in Wien +Add


    Down to Earth for meat eaters
    Offener Bruch +Add

    Weinstube Josefstadt

    Josefstadt's most discreet Heuriger
    wineglass +Add

    Gasthaus Wild

    One of Vienna's most charming Gasthäuser
    Figlmüller +Add


    A schnitzel in time saves
    Image of Fabios +Add


    Fab Summer terrace
    Image of Ra'mien +Add


    A temple of noodles in Vienna
    Bognergasse 12 +Add

    Zum Schwarzen Kameel

    Classic Viennese
    Locals' Pick
    Twelve Apostles cellar (Zwölf Apostelkeller) facade, Vienna, Sonnenfelsgasse 3. Austria, Western Europe +Add

    Zwölf Apostelkeller

    A cellar on three subterranean levels
    Linzer Torte - Knead Bakers AUD3 per slice +Add

    Die Wäscherei

    Noisy little excellent restaurant
    Uploaded by Miriam +Add


    Vienna's most spectacular restaurant