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Profile Image of Anna and Basia

Anna and Basia

Stylist and Photographer

Basia has been working as a stylist at photo sessions for interior decorating and women’s magazines for over 15 years. She also styles food for advertising and cookbooks.

Anna works with interior design photography, and does children’s portraits and landscapes too.

Together, Anna and Basia own design store Komplet in Warsaw.

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Profile Image of Ministerstwo Kawy

Ministerstwo Kawy


We in the Ministry take two words very seriously: coffee and quality. We serve only 100 % Arabic coffee that we purchase directly from the growers. We roast it in, what we consider, the best way and deliver in the shortest time possible after roasting. We brew with the highest quality espresso machine (La Marzocco) and finally, most importantly, the coffee is served by the best baristas from Poland and abroad (our main barista is 16th in the world).

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Profile Image of Kamila Anna Napora

Kamila Anna Napora

World traveler and Writer

Kamila “Kami” Anna Napora is a travel writer and blogger. Most often traveling alone, Kami has traveled to or lived in 50+ countries.

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Profile Image of Pawel Oszczyk

Pawel Oszczyk


Paweł Oszczyk, the Executive Chef at La Rotisserie Restaurant in Warsaw, was born in the beautiful Mazovia district of Poland, where his culinary career originated. He gained experience in a family owned and Michelin ranked restaurant in Brescia, Italy. After returning to Poland, he began in the newly opened Bristol Hotel and, after ten years, moved to the Polish Business Roundtable Club in the Sobańskich Palace, finally bringing his talents to the boutique Mamaison Hotel Le Regina.

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Profile Image of Cook Up


Culinary Studio

CookUp is a culinary studio in Warsaw. We organize regular workshops for individuals who love cooking, want to fall in love with cooking or just want to spend time learning how to prepare great food. It’s also a place where various culinary events take place. Since its opening in February 2013, CookUp has been the host of culinary presentations and press conferences, as well as grocery brands’ and kitchen equipment’s premieres.

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Profile Image of Caroline Topperman

Caroline Topperman

Style Blogger

I am a Canadian blogger who is obsessively discovering the most beautiful bags, shoes, jewelry, and makeup the world has to offer. I love striking textures, fabrics, and colors.

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Profile Image of Helvetia Hostel

Hostel Helvetia


Located in the heart of the city, Helvetia is Warsaw’s favorite hostel. It’s a meeting point for travelers from all around the globe, staff is super friendly and the facilities are modern.

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Profile Image of Kalina Kaczmarek

Kalina Kaczmarek

Style Doctor

I believe that clothes can actually cure. I see my job as a mission. Although trends and fashion matter to me, what is really important is the individual I work with and how clothes can positively change one’s life.

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Profile Image of Krzysztof Bozek

Krzysztof Bozek

Vegan Burger Bar Owner

Krzysztof is one of the founders of Krowarzywa, a vegan burger bar in the heart of Warsaw. They serve delicious plant-based burgers and sides, fair trade coffee and tea, and beautiful sweet treats.

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Profile Image of Anna Flanagan

Anna Flanagan

Jameson Ambassador

Originally hailing from Cork, Ireland, Anna is embarking on her second year as the ambassador of Jameson Irish Whiskey in Poland. Anna travels around Poland educating people about the particular nuances of making Jameson Irish Whiskey and its captivating history. You can follow her travels and sign up for tastings on her Facebook page.

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Profile Image of La Vanille Warsaw

La Vanille

Pastry Chefs

Inspired by their trips to New York and London, a group of pastry chefs decided to bring the concept to Warsaw and opened La Vanille. Today, the cake shop is one of the most popular places in Warsaw. La Vanille offers a beautiful variety of cupcakes, pastries and other sweet treats, all made with natural, high-quality ingredients.

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Profile Image of Kuratorium Gallery

Kuratorium Gallery

Art Gallery

Kuratorium in an art gallery and design store in one. We focus on Polish artists and their works. Join the locals, and visit us for art events and inspiring workshops too!

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Profile Image of Grzegorz Janoszka

Grzegorz Janoszka

Paleo Blogger

Grzegorz Janoszka has been living the paleo lifestyle since 2011. In addition to his IT background, he is also a Polish paleo blogger and promoter of not only the paleo diet for adults and kids, but also the whole paleo lifestyle.

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Profile Image of Monika Lazuk

Monika Lazuk

Yoga Teacher

I developed my passion for yoga in 2004. My early training was in hatha yoga, but I have been influenced by the unique blend of Ashtanga. My classes are firmly rooted in the Vinyasa practice, with a focus on building strength and flexibility. I lead individual yoga sessions in English in Warsaw.

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Profile Image of Claudia Menger


Stay.com's Content Manager

Stay.com Content & Community Manager | World Traveler | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher | Vegetarian

Creator of tons of Stay.com guides focusing on health and budget. Expect juice bars, independent cafes, yoga studios, free attractions and a whole lot more.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Warsaw for Art Enthusiasts

Profile Image of Kuratorium Gallery

Kuratorium Gallery

Art Gallery

Galleries and art spaces in Warsaw. Warsaw has a vibrant art scene with many inspiring galleries, museums and designer stores. Our guide is all about the best contemporary art spaces, museums with the works of local artists, modern photography exhibitions, and beautiful interior design. Admissions are often free, and most of the places in our art guide have a good cafe or inspiring art store too.

  1. Rote Giebel / Rote Dächer +Add

    Kuratorium Gallery

    Art space and design store
  2. Keret's house westward backyard +Add

    Keret House

    The world's narrowest house
  3. New Camera +Add

    Leica Gallery

    Modern photography
  4. IWP Komplet do kawy +Add


    Danish designer furniture
  5. Pies Czy Suka store Warsaw +Add

    Pies Czy Suka

    Design store and cocktail bar in one
  6. coffee +Add


    Cafe with art and books
  7. Swiatlotrysk gomulicki +Add

    Bęc Zmiana

    For the promotion of Polish art
  8. Wilanow DSC0027 +Add

    Poster Museum

    The world's oldest poster museum
  9. Warsaw :: Museum of Modern Art +Add

    Museum of Modern Art

    Contemporary art museum
Profile Image of Kuratorium Gallery

Kuratorium Gallery

Art Gallery. Kuratorium in an art gallery and design store in one. We focus on Polish artists and their works. Join the locals, and visit us for art events and inspiring workshops too!