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Zagreb, historic and full of culture, knows how to pamper and entertain her visitors. Tourists crowd the cobbled streets of the Old City, hunting for souvenirs at the colorful Dolac market; and looking for the next jazz hangout at dusk. Authentic restaurants and trendy shops make Zagreb a well-rounded cosmopolitan destination unlike any other.

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  • Donji Grad
  • Gornji Grad
  • Jarun
  • Maksimir
  • Novi Zagreb
  • Peščenica-Žitnjak
  • Trešnjevka
  • Trnje


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     Homeland Bridge (Domovinski most) +Add

    Homeland Bridge (Domovinski most)

    Bridge over the river Sava
    Palača Vojković +Add

    Palača Vojković

    Baroque palace in Zagreb
    Medvednica +Add


    Popular hiking destination
    Zagreb - Ban Jelačić Square +Add

    Teslina ulica

    Central street, popular for its restaurants
    Locals' Pick
    Mary surrounded by four angels symbolizing Faith, Hope, Innocence and Humility (13023162445) +Add

    Blessed Virgin Mary Fountain

    A stream of faith
    St. Catherine's Church and Zagreb's Cathedral behind +Add

    St. Catherine's Church

    Example of Jesuit craftsmanship
    IMG_3887 +Add

    Fascism Victims Square

    Remembering the victims of WWII
    Ilica. +Add

    Ilica Street

    A landmark in its own right
    Cibona Tower +Add

    Cibona Tower

    Standing tall
    IMG_0806 +Add

    Banski Dvori

    The presidential palace
    St francis zagreb +Add

    St. Francis Assisi's Church

    St. Francis's mission in Croatia
    Croatia-00554 - Stone Gate +Add

    Kamenita Vrata

    Part of the Gradec defence system
    Croatia-00534 - St. Mark's Church +Add

    St. Mark Church

    In good faith
    Kaptol square 003 +Add

    Kaptol Square

    The heart of the Upper city
    Looking towards St Marys church +Add

    St. Mary Church

    A beautiful faith symbol
    Josipa Jelacica Square +Add

    Josipa Jelacica Square

    The heart of the city
    King Tomislav +Add

    Tomislav Square

    For the creator of Croatia
    20080808_4370 +Add

    Zrinjevac Park

    For the romantic in you
    Croatia-00448 - Zagreb Cathedral +Add

    Cathedral of the Assumption

    A neo-Gothic masterpiece
    Strossmayer Promenade +Add

    Strossmayer Promenade

    Let's take a walk in the beautiful Zagreb
    Donji Grad as seen from Lotrščak Tower (13023795735) +Add

    Lotrscak Tower

    A great view of the city
    Mirogoj Cemetery - Zagreb - Croatia +Add

    Mirogoj Cemetery

    The peaceful afterlife
    Cafes at beginning of Tkalčićeva street +Add

    Tkalciceva Street

    An eclectic mix
    Zagreb Holy Cross +Add

    Opatovina Park

    The public promenade
    Cvjetni grb Grada Zagreba Kaptol +Add

    Ribnjak Pond

    The green outdoors
    Maksimir Vidikovac 20150310 DSC 0192 +Add

    The Viewpoint in Maksimir Park

    View from above
    Maksimir Mogila 1007 1 +Add

    Maksimir Park Mogila

    Pieces of nature, history and culture
    Entrance to Maksimir Park, Zagreb, Croatia +Add

    Maksimir Portal

    Guarding the entrance
    Maksimir Pavilion of Echos 20150310 DSC 0224 +Add

    The Echo Pavilion

    Hello, hello, hello
    IMG_6966 +Add

    Maksimir Park

    A true peaceful oasis
    Arena Zagreb 2008 November 301 +Add

    Zagreb Arena

    Key symbol of the city
    IMG_4475 +Add

    Bundek Park

    A natural heaven
    Stadion Maksimir panoramics 13-07-2011 +Add

    Maksimir Town Stadium

    Zagreb football at its best
    Zvjezdarnica Zagreb +Add

    Astronomical Observatory

    Looking up
    In The Botanical Gardens +Add

    Botanical Garden

    Flora at its best
    Zoo, Zagreb - nutrija (04.2012) +Add

    Zagreb Zoo Garden

    The land of the animals