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Zagreb, historic and full of culture, knows how to pamper and entertain her visitors. Tourists crowd the cobbled streets of the Old City, hunting for souvenirs at the colorful Dolac market; and looking for the next jazz hangout at dusk. Authentic restaurants and trendy shops make Zagreb a well-rounded cosmopolitan destination unlike any other.

Arena Zagreb 2008 November 301Divna Jaksic / CC BY-SA 3.0

Zagreb Arena

Zagreb Arena

Famous Key symbol of the city

Key symbol of the city Editors' Note

A new building in the skyline of Zagreb (inaugurated in 2008 for the Handball World Championship), Arena Zagreb is the largest of its kind in all Croatia.

If before the opening of the Arena, large scale events could hardly fit in the small sports halls in the city, one year after it’s inauguration, the calendar of the Arena Zagreb was already filled with important sports competition and music events. With its aesthetics, importance and functionality, Arena Zagreb soon became a key symbol of Zagreb.s

Zagreb Arena
Lanište 30, Zagreb
+385 1 642 0900