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Zagreb, historic and full of culture, knows how to pamper and entertain her visitors. Tourists crowd the cobbled streets of the Old City, hunting for souvenirs at the colorful Dolac market; and looking for the next jazz hangout at dusk. Authentic restaurants and trendy shops make Zagreb a well-rounded cosmopolitan destination unlike any other.

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  • Donji Grad
  • Gornji Grad
  • Jarun
  • Maksimir
  • Novi Zagreb
  • Peščenica-Žitnjak
  • Trešnjevka
  • Trnje


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    culture +Add

    AKC Attack

    Cultural initiative
    Locals' Pick
    Touch Me :: Feel better! :: symposium :: Kira O'Reilly +Add

    Student Centre

    Multidisciplinary art space
    Renata Salecl, Subversive Film Festival, Zagreb +Add

    Kino Europa

    Iconic historic cinema
    Locals' Pick
    Casino +Add

    Casino Cezar

    American Roulette fun
    detail +Add

    Royal Casino Zagreb

    Are you feeling lucky?
    abstract +Add

    KIC Art

    Culture and information
    cinema +Add

    Dokukino Croatia

    Documenting life in movies
    movie night! +Add

    Continental Movieplex Zagreb

    Movies in the city
    Mr.FF9900 - Flickr - Arena Centar, Panorama +Add

    CineStar Arena IMAX

    A true cinematic experience
    Hrvatski glazbeni zavod 2 01052012 roberta f +Add

    The Croatian Music Institute

    Music and tradition
    Koncert Križ nek ti sačuva ime Vatroslav Lisinski 7 rujna 2008 2 +Add

    Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

    Music to the people
    Zagreb hippodrome 20110531 2820 +Add

    Zagreb Hippodrome

    The elegant horses
    Theater +Add

    Zar Ptica Municipal Theater

    The home of the Naj Naj Naj theater festival
    The Owl and the General +Add

    Zagreb Theater of the Young

    For the young generation
    Human Interest +Add

    Zagreb Puppet Theater

    Puppet or puppeteer?
    Kazalište Trešnja, Trešnjevka +Add

    Tresnja Municipal Theater

    Children come first here
    Dom Histriona Zagreb +Add

    Histrion House

    The soul of Croatia in theater
    Gavella 0707 +Add

    Gavella City Drama Theater

    50 years of drama theater
    Children's Theatre +Add

    Dubrava Children's Theater

    Investing in the children
    Ribica +Add

    Ribica Children's Theater

    Let children play
    Au theatre +Add

    Merlin Theater

    The highest form of courage
    Záhřeb, Mala scena +Add

    Mala Scena Theater

    Theater for the young
    Komedija Zagreb +Add

    Komedija Municipal Theater

    Theater and a good laugh
    Kerempuh 0707 +Add

    Kerempuh Satirical Theater

    Laugh the worries away
    Red za itd +Add

    ITD Theater

    Of theater and other performing arts
    Red courtains +Add

    Exit Theater

    Gathering independent artists
    National Theatre at Zagreb +Add

    Croatian National Theater

    Neo-baroque elegance