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Zagreb, historic and full of culture, knows how to pamper and entertain her visitors. Tourists crowd the cobbled streets of the Old City, hunting for souvenirs at the colorful Dolac market; and looking for the next jazz hangout at dusk. Authentic restaurants and trendy shops make Zagreb a well-rounded cosmopolitan destination unlike any other.

Restaurants in Zagreb

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  • Donji Grad
  • Gornji Grad
  • Jarun
  • Maksimir
  • Novi Zagreb
  • Peščenica-Žitnjak
  • Trešnjevka
  • Trnje


  • Local
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  • Seafood
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    sirloin steak with baked potato +Add

    Ab oVo Bistro & Bar

    Seasonal bistro fare
    Breakfast +Add

    Louie Cafe & Kitchen

    For good English breakfast
    Tipico City +Add

    Tipico City

    Every changing dishes
    brussel sprouts +Add

    Mundoaka Streetfood

    Gourmet comfort food
    Herb Crusted Tofu on Pasta with Potatoes and Garlic Bread +Add

    Bistro Lauba

    A blend of art and food
    roasted chicken sandwich +Add

    PINGVIN sandwich bar

    Ideal budget dining venue
    Locals' Pick
    taro burger +Add

    Bistro Šalša

    Burgers and more in Zagreb
    Locals' Pick
    Lari & Penati. +Add

    Lari & Penati

    Cozy bistro and catering
    Locals' Pick
    Mmm...sesame chicken on noodles +Add

    Wok by Matija

    Asian restaurant and wok bar
    Locals' Pick
    Salad +Add


    Zagreb's place for hearty stew
    Locals' Pick
    Duck Fillet - Annie Smithers Bistrot +Add


    Quiet and refined dining
    Locals' Pick
    Petrinjska Street and Pavla Hatza +Add

    Slastičarnica Zagreb

    Pastries and sweets in Zagreb
    Locals' Pick
    Sweet dreams +Add

    Mak Na Konac

    Candy store, food, and restaurant
    Locals' Pick
    The Cookie Factory +Add

    The Cookie Factory

    New and traditional American cuisine
    Locals' Pick
    raspberry cake +Add


    Antique cakes and sweets
    Locals' Pick
    TORTE i to +Add

    TORTE i to

    Fine cakes with a large market
    Locals' Pick
    Uploaded by Vicky +Add

    Kava Tava

    New American cuisine
    Chocolate +Add

    Chocolat 041

    Italian gelato
    Locals' Pick
    Salad +Add

    Green Point

    Health foods and take away options
    Locals' Pick
    Ice Cream with berries +Add

    Casa Zdravlja

    Juice bar with superfood offerings
    Locals' Pick
    Zucchini-Cocozelle-LargeFruit-8184 +Add


    Raw, vegan, vegetarian institution
    Locals' Pick
    ZRNO Bio Bistro +Add

    ZRNO Bio Bistro

    Locally and organically sourced vegan eatery
    Locals' Pick
    white pizza +Add

    Karijola Pizzeria

    Gourmet pizzeria near the city center
    Locals' Pick
    T-Bone Steak +Add

    El Bull

    Perfect steak, perfect place, and more
    Prošek +Add

    Bistro Laganini

    Istrian delights in Zagreb
    Food called 'Krompiruša' +Add


    Rich Bosnian food and tradition
    gnocchi with sage pesto +Add


    For what suits most people's taste buds
    Locals' Pick
    food +Add

    Bistro Apetit

    Gourmet expectations
    Gazpacho +Add


    A very nice Zagreb standby
    Slastičarnica Ivica i Marica, Tkalčićeva +Add

    Ivica i Marica

    The quality is grown in
    Hummer +Add


    A gourmet delight in Zagreb
    Ansjoser, tang, oliven og ost +Add


    Gourmet-style restaurant
    Veggies and cheese +Add

    Konoba - Didov san

    Grandfather's dream cuisine
    Zagreb_Nokturno-pizzeria-on-Skalinska +Add


    At night, preferably
    Takenoko +Add


    More than sushi, but sushi too
    Blitva dalmatinski +Add

    Kaptolska Klet

    A rustic Zagreb garden treat
    Uploaded by Vicky +Add

    Stari Fijaker

    Traditional Croatian with no surprises
    Last sip of wine +Add

    Restoran Vinodol

    Traditional Croatia
    Locals' Pick
    Tostones +Add

    Pirate's Karaka

    Everything in one place in Zagreb