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Zagreb, historic and full of culture, knows how to pamper and entertain her visitors. Tourists crowd the cobbled streets of the Old City, hunting for souvenirs at the colorful Dolac market; and looking for the next jazz hangout at dusk. Authentic restaurants and trendy shops make Zagreb a well-rounded cosmopolitan destination unlike any other.

ChocolateWindell Oskay / CC BY 2.0

Chocolat 041

Chocolat 041

Locals' Pick Italian gelato

Profile Image of Nik Orosi

Nik Orosi

Barista Champion

The most famous Italian gelato brand in the heart of Zagreb, owned by the famous former football player of the Croatian National team and AC Milan! They offer, nice cakes and coffee made by trained baristas in a place designed by local young artists.

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Taste of Croatia

Croatian Digital Food and Drink Guide

Although it’s an Italian franchise, the owner, legendary football player Zvonimir Boban, gave it local flair and top quality desserts are guaranteed. The best hot chocolate in Zagreb and fantastic ice cream.

Italian gelato Editors' Note

Chocolat 041 is one of the top local destinations for ice cream, an Italian style gelateria, with a superb offer of desserts, ice creams, and even sandwiches for a light meal.

From the gelatos available at Chocolat 041, some of the top flavors include fiordilatte, stracciatella, cremino, and croccante cream. All ice creams are made fresh, based on Chocolat 041 recipes, using the best possible ingredients.

Chocolat 041
Masarykova 25 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb
Donji Grad
+385 1 4855 382
Mon - Sat: 7:00 am - 2:00 am Sun: 7:00 am - 1:00 am